On sunny summer days…create a custom shirt with sunglasses!




Bonjour/Hi to all wearers of (sun)glasses!

Summer is at its best those days: sapphire blue sky, a refreshing cool breeze.. and you’re hopefully enjoying all this while relaxing in a beach chair with a cold cocktail in your hand and a pair of stylish sunglasses on your custom shirt. On your custom shirt? Exactly!

Wordans offers you an awesome collection of summer designs to put on your custom t-shirts! Why not put a pair of funky sunglasses on your custom tank top, v-neck or sweater? Choose your favorite design from our database or browse through our Wordans Marketplace for pre-designed garments.

Relax outside and enjoy the sunshine – with one of Wordans custom t-shirts!


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Browse through our affiliated Online Shops!

Bonjour/Hi custom t-shirt fellows!

It’s Friday, Friday… that means we are again proudly presenting three affiliated online shops run by dedicated Wordans’ fans. Today’s recommended shops include designs about zombie attacks, playing pool and comic art – so there should be something interesting for everybody!

Needle & Thread features elaborate designs related to zombies, skulls and famous movie gangsters. The graphics often resemble old-school tattoo designs, being entwined with detailed drawings and including classic tattoo images


8 Ball offers dozens of designs worshipping the famous bar sport: from colorful ball designs to bold pool logos this shop definitely stirs every pool player’s blood in an instant!


Eaglespeaker‘s designs will make every die-hard comic fan extremely happy. Original artwork showing outstanding hand-drawn designs can now decorate your custom clothes too!

As always feel free to choose your favorite from our suggested designs and put it on any garment you like, to create your unique custom shirts/tank tops/sweaters/tote bags and more!

Unleash the creative zombie in you and start creating your custom t-shirt or open you own Wordans affiliated online shop now!


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Add a little Wildlife to your Life!

Hi to all wild animal lovers and pet fans!

Dogs are known as a man’s best friends, furry kitties are famous for their snuggling abilities and aquarium fish delight our everyday life by adding a splash of color and an indeterminate feeling of companionship to it. Whatever you’re favorite animal looks like, you can now bring it with you anywhere you go: to work, to university, to your sports course or a Friday night party – you’re barking, purring, bubbling or croaking animal friend is always by your side with an animal print on custom shirts from Wordans!

As always, you can choose the design for your handprinted custom shirts either by browsing our Animal T-Shirts category or by uploading your personal photo/image/design to have it printed on any garment you’d like to wear. From A like Alpaca to Z like Zebra Wordans Canada offers you a wide range of custom animal shirts you can choose from!

Show you love for animals openly in public and create custom T-shirts with a wildlife or pet design on a high-quality custom shirt!

Woof! Meow! Peep! Let’s create a custom shirt!


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Your custom fan shirt for the 2012 UEFA European Football Championship

Hi Wordans and soccer fans!
As you probably all know, the 2012 UEFA European Football Championship is currently taking place in Europe. The tournament is being hosted by Poland and Ukraine between June 8th and July 1st 2012, and features 16 nations. Most likely you’re following the tournament on TV and you’re rooting for your favorite country! To support your team publicly, show off your affection by wearing custom shirts with a flag or logo handprinted by Wordans!

Express your general love for the sport with a “I love soccer”-tee, create a design yourself with your favorite player or choose a ready made design from our t-shirt design library! There are no limits to garment style, fabric color or design layout – you tell us what you want and we custom print it just for you!

Show your affection to the 2012 European Football Championship with unique custom t-shirts from Wordans!


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FATHER’S DAY on June 17, 2012

Hi to daughters and sons from all over the world!

Next Sunday something special, something extraordinary is going to happen and you should definitely not forget about it: it’s Father’s Day and we are celebrating fatherhood and parenting. On a typical Father’s Day you should spend time with your father or the father figures in your life. Besides family celebrations with a BBQ or a hike in the great outdoors, you might want to give a small custom gift to your dad!

For the occasion of Father’s Day Wordans offers you a wide selection of pre-designed t-shirts from our Marketplace with a great variety of designs you can choose from to honor you dad with a hand-printed garment of your choice. Have a look at our design suggestions for custom t-shirts dedicated to your father!

Use our special coupon code DADDYW to get 15% discount on all your orders for Father’s Day!


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With warmest regards: Wordans’ affiliated Online Shops

Hi custom t-shirt lovers!

Last week we started our “Friday’s Shop Recommendations” feature. This week present another three very special t-shirt designers that each have an affiliated Online Shop with Wordans.


Hello Gizmo Boutique is a small but mighty online shop featuring custom clothes with a little, cute flea design that constantly spreads a good mood and makes you smile. The eye-catching Gizmo design suits children’s shirts very well, grown-ups might be more attracted by the Gizmo Soda Design.


KinKong keeps it’s promise and offers a great variety of stylish designs all inspired by our hairy ancestors: apes. If you’re fond of grim gorillas, maniac monkeys and fruity bananas, then you’ll definitely find the right custom shirt for you!

Kadran is a Quebec-based shop selling designs inspired by Canadian culture: from hockey-playing penguins on a maple leaf background to comic-like “watch out for crossing caribous”-signs you can find cute animal designs for your custom shirts.






Discover our affiliated online shops and buy exclusive, hand-printed garments made by Wordans!


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The Importance of Quotes!

Hi, folks!

Today’s blog entry is about the importance of quotes. A good quote can tell a good story and enhance the credibility of a news story or presentation. Words that are crafted well can leave a lasting impact on the world.

Quotes and sayings play a very important role in life… they can motivate and inspire us, give us courage. Quotes can be amusing, thought-provoking or just silly. But mostly they catch our attention and are an intelligent tool to represent a product, company or person. As a spokesperson you want to ensure that your message is clear, concise, compelling and catchy. So why not print your favorite quote, saying or exclamation on a custom t-shirt and get everybody’s attention with your shirt without actually saying something.

Let your custom shirt talk for you!

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