Finally! Photos of our clients wearing their Personalized T-shirts!

You may have noticed a small hiatus in our blog postings… We’ll be honest, Christmas kept us CRAZY BUSY! But we’re back! AND, we’ve finally started to gather a small collection of photos sent to us from our happy clients. Check out our new Flickr account which showcases new products, neat t-shirt ideas, cool designs … basically anything related to Wordanst-shirt prints!

Festival du Cochon Team T-Shirts!

User uploaded design!

Image selected from our design library!

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Express shipping on! No extra charge!

Ok, we know this has been something you’ve been wishing for so here it is!

Every single t-shirt is going to be sent Express shipping and the best part? No extra shipping!

So now your customized t-shirts are really only a few clicks away!

Come come get ‘em! Don’t forget to use the coupon code!

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The syndrome of the really cool t-shirt

So this week-end something a little déjà vu happened to me.

You know when you go to the store and you decide to buy something really nice. I’m talking something you always wanted to have but didn’t know it could actually exist. Then you get home and you just can’t put it on because ironically, it’s too nice!

Well I would like to officially name that the syndrome of the really cool t-shirt

And well, it seems to happen quite a bit at Wordans.

Anecdote no.1: My colleague Tina (the Wordans graphic designer) told me this crazy story about getting her boyfriend a tee shirt with a huge lobster on it. Apparently, it had something to do with an inside joke from a camping trip. But when she actually gave it to him, he just couldn’t put it on. “It’s too nice”, he said. “If I wear it, I am going to wreck it”. In a panic, Tina ran to the Wordans website and ordered 4 other lobster t-shirts.

“He can’t complain now, he has a lobster t-shirt for every occasion”, she tells me during a break at work, “even I can wear one now!”

I didn’t think much of it when she told me this but believe it or not, the same thing happened to me this week-end!

Anecdote 2: All excited I bring home a great Erika Badu t-shirt for my man. He’s super happy and impressed by the great quality but then he looks at me weird.

“I can’t wear this, you know”

“WHAT? What are talking about??!”

“It’s too nice, I think I am going to frame it.”

I was dumbfounded, Tina was so right!

After a few hours of begging, he finally consented to wear it and you know what? He’s never had as many compliments on a shirt.

So for all you hesitating customized t-shirt people, just do it! You will be so pleased by the result.

Just don’t make it too too nice!

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Getting off the dating market in your bachelor t-shirt

Ok, so it was a little tough to get this past management but I convinced them you were going to get a kick out of it.

For any of you celebrating a wedding this summer, here is a great t-shirt idea to make bachelorette t-shirts and stag t-shirts.

Some of our members are making really funny t-shirts that read:

And that’s only the front, what a better way to let people know what you are acting this weird by putting it out there like this:

So anytime or anyone you know getting hitched… send them to make some wedding tee shirts or bachelorette t-shirts”

A great way to celebrate and especially keep a memory of that crazy night of your life.

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The new website is HERE!

I’d like to introduce our new website 2.0!!

We’ve got everything from new accessories, new products and a really nice new layout.

The new Wordans is more than a piece of eye candy, it’s making ordering customizable t-shirts that much easier and fun!

So check out our local and green t-shirts from OOM,

our sexy V-necks and scoop necks customizable t-shirts by Bella,

and we’re even throwing in a coupon code for you to make the best new customized t-shirts for all the rest of the week:

wordans 2.0

And, we’ve got lots more to come. Every week we will be adding new features including a photo gallery, a wish list, shop examples, a staff page and even blank apparel to choose from.

So what are you waiting for!

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Websites… they take a while to make nice

I can’t believe we’re almost there. I mean it’s been a few months and a lot of back and forth. There were a few moments where the end seemed like more of a utopia than anything else.

But we’re finally nearing the end and it’s weird but the momentum building up reminds me of a Chinese fortune cookie message I once got in San Francisco. It said: “You may be hungry soon; order a takeout now.” Strangely enough I believe there is something to be said about being hungry for something. You’ve been licking your lips, looking at your watch, keeping on your toes and finally the day comes when you get it, it tastes great. After all that waiting and hoping and wishing, it comes to you and it feels like a sweet summer day.

So to keep you guys hungry, here are a few things to nibble on about the Wordans 2.0 website:

-  Contains suitable information for adults of all styles, beliefs and website tendencies.

-  Most common side-effects include surprise, excitement and lengthy visits

-  Website comes with a variety of new features, options, designs and photos. Excess use is welcome but will fill up your wardrobe of cool, trendy, cutting-edge tees.

-  All features guarantee maximum fulfillment and creative liberty

Hope to see you online very soon!

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A t-shirt to play with!

Everything started a few years ago when my aunt bought me a bracelet with sparkling letters writing “LOVE”; it wasn’t really my style but I still wanted to keep it as it was a present. So I tried and move the letters to create something a little less girly but I didn’t really succeed. What could I do with this poor little “L.O.V.E” letters ?

I ended up never wearing this bracelet; going from “Levo” to “Elvo”, none of my creations looked like a real word or at least, none looked like something I would be proud of wearing…

So a few weeks ago, I found this bracelet while cleaning my bedroom and burst out laughing when I remembered myself trying and making something out of these letters. I followed this path creating a t-shirt that looks like the scrabble game, giving free rein to my friends’ imagination; except this time I made it easier, leaving only two letters to be guessed…Did you find my word? If you can handle this one, you are ready to create your own custom t-shirt!


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That’s a bloody t-shirt!

I’ve always loved horror movies, with some blood, the kind of movies that makes me shake and shudder bbrr!). Even though I know after having watched it I’ll feel so bad in my big cold bed, I still want to watch it, without closing my eyes (not even once, or maybe just once..), I’m a big girl after all!

I obviously wanted to watch Sam Raimi’s last release, just to thrill a bit more! It’s called “Drag me to Hell” and I really found it good! There are a lot of allusions to his previous movies (for the enlightened ones!), enough humour, some farfetched scenes; but just as we like them! The main actress (Alison Lohman) plays really naturally, what I definitelly appreciate! I can also congratulate the impressive and well made visual effects ( Oh no, nobody paid me to write that article!)

Well, you know me a bit, if I’m that happy it’s also because the movie inspired me a cool t-shirt for the summer! A bloody t-shirt for a blood summer! That’s the deal!

Look at the ones I made myself, it’s you turn now!

Custon, create and wear your own tee shirts! Here you go!



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