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Hi old and new t-shirt lovers from all around the world!

Guess what, Wordans is back on this blog – more fresh and motivated than ever. To celebrate our come-back and the fact, that it’s Friday and the weekend is near, we offer you a special discount code worth 15%, applicable to all Wordans’ products.




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Mode & Design & Wordans

Hello Wordansers,

From August 3rd to 6, all eyes will be on Montreal.

The reason, it is within this beautiful city that will be held the 10th edition of the “almost” Mode & Design week!

For the occasion, McGill College Avenue was draped in her finery.

The Festival Mode & Design is one of the fashion events that have been able to invest the urban environment.

The creators are inspired by it, Mastering its codes while adding  their own style to it.

That edition will be without a doubt simply amazing!
A  reason for that, Jean-Paul Gaultier, one of the pioneers in this field will present his models “BOURGEOISE SANS ÂGE”.

Event not to be missed.

For more information, visit: http://www.festivalmodedesign.com.

Meanwhile at Wordans, we decided to make you enjoy the Mode & Design week in our own way.

So, to all our fashion addicts! Wordans invites you to a drink on its premises Friday, August 5th from 5:00 PM.

Program: All T-shirts will be presented for sale at $ 9.90. Moreover, for any order placed during the event, you will receive a discount of 15%. Join us, we will be happy to meet you.

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Why buy organic t-shirts?

Cotton is one of the largest grown crops and it represents approximately 40% of the world’s textile production. Since cotton fields are heavy on chemicals and toxins, these fields are extremely hazardous to our environment and health. Organic cotton is usually more expensive, but for good reason. Here are some of the reasons why:

1. The soil used for growing organic cotton has to be clean from chemicals for at least 3 years before planting can even begin.

2. If is very difficult to grow quality cotton without the use of insecticides, pesticides and other agricultural chemicals.

Nevertheless, the extra buck or two spent on an organic t-shirt will go a long way in preserving both our land and wildlife.

Two of my favorite brands that carry organic t-shirts are:

American Apparel
Love them or hate them, all of their garments are sweatshop free and their organic line of t-shirts are gorgeous.

Rêv-evolution by OÖM Ethikwear
OÖM is a Montreal based company that promotes products made from organic or organic free trade cotton. All OÖM garments are made by socially dedicated organizations in Quebec. And if that’s not enough, 2% of OÖM’s sales are donated to charities.

Men's 100% organic t-shirt

'Think Green' Organic T-Shirt : OOM

American Apparel 100% Organic Cotton T-Shirt

'It's Easy Being Green' Organic T-Shirt : American Apparel

Checkout our library to see cool user submitted designs that you can print on organic t-shirts to promote your cause:

Animal & Wildlife T-shirts
Environment T-shirts
Awareness T-shirts
News & Politics T-shirts

Customize your organic t-shirt here >

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Barack or Michelle’s t-shirt?

Obama or Kennedy? It seems that the Obama clan wants to follow the lead of the Kennedy clan: explosure of a neat and clean loving family, frenzied crowds, loved or hated; they’re a real rock star family! (careful the Osbourne!)

While Barack has started his Middle East tour and is being criticized by Al Qaeda, his wife is acclaimed for her clothes (trust me!). United States president is at the moment in the Middle East in order to “smooth over the current situation”. We all knew it was not going to be easy, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Obama’s nice speeches won’t be sufficient to convince Al Quaida’s members who judged his visit as “ridiculous” and considered it as a show off performance.

“You can’t please everybody” as we say, but at least we can count on Mrs Obama! After being largely criticized for her clothes, she’s now seen as an icon! According to Mandy Norwood (editor), she even beats Jackie Kennedy! Mandy prefers Michelle for finding her clothes more affordable, she might wear less expensive dresses but this is why people can identify themselves with (in time of recession, that’s the least we could expect!). At that rate Mrs Obama is going to wear a Wordans custom t-shirt next month…why not?! It would be fun to have America’s first lady wearing cool t-shirts!

I think we’ll have to work on special Michelle designs for our next t-shirts…till then you can still support her sweet heart with one of our funny tee shirts, and if you feel like it, you can even create one with Ben Laden…it’s up to you!

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Give peace a chance!

There’s this culture imposed at school, the plays we have to read, poems we have to learn, black and white documentaries during which we fall asleep at least 10 times. There’s all that culture that we consider as the “poison of our childhood”, the worm in the apple of our creativity; and one day we grow up and take back this Edgar Poe’s book and after reading a few pages we realize that “waow, that guy was pretty good in fact!” (and we understand why ‘this guy’ is so popular). I reread the poems (I’ve always loved words, might be the reason why I write here every day…), I’ve tried to rewatch the documentaries, it worked for some but I fell asleep in front of others (I never said that by growing up we would LOVE every single thing our teachers fed us with). And then I discovered the museums, I fell in love with them in San Marino, I remember myself admiring the paintings, so precise, so pure, as the sun was impossible to bear outside.

I know that for some of you (and some of us too), museums sound like a senior day-out, you have to be silent, behave well, and on top of that it’s expensive; well, you go there more under obligation than by choice. But trust me this exhibition is really different. It’s at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and it’s called The Peace Ballad of John and Yoko. Then you think this exhibition is focused on one of the Beatles, but in fact it’s not only on one of the Beatles, it’s more about the relationship between John Lennon and Yoko Ono through their works, their story, their fight (peaceful, it goes without saying), their ideology. The exhibition spreads out on 7 rooms with famous pictures and less famous ones, videos, hand written texts, a piano with the score of ‘Imagine’ (if you want to feel like the Great John), white and…white chess sets (as explained, they chose them only white to live in synergy rather than opposition), a wish tree, a rebuilt bed looking like the one John and Yoko had for their bed-in), a phone thanks to which you’ll be able to talk to Yoko once a day (at least that’s what is said…)

It’s a LIVELY exhibition, it’s interactive, different and free (they couldn’t set an exhibition based on peace and ask for a 15 dollars-admission!)

I know that these days, the “peace and love man!” sounds a bit old fashioned, old ways of thinking; our society is a bit more shrewish; but trust me, after the exhibition you’ll feel calm, almost enrolled in a peaceful fight, you’ll want to listen again to your Plastic Ono Band vinyl discs and turn vegetarian (if it’s not already the case)

I was educated by the 60s rock music (and the Beatles of course) thanks to daddy, but I’m neutral (or at least trying to be), and I can tell you that this exhibition is really worth going to and has the same philosophy as Wordans : free speech, keeping our own personality and move forward (our custom t-shirts are another way of expression as music was for John Lennon and many more)

Com’on, give peace a chance!

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Shake Your Bootie Cutie!

This morning, still in bed, trying my best to open my eyes I noticed that nothing had changed outside:still the same rain as yesterday, the day before, last week…I already understood I would need more than my cereals to get me out of bed. I then thought of my brother, he’s like Huggy Bear in Starsky and Hutch, but his thing is music. Last week my bro (or Huggy Bear if you prefer) told me about Rye Rye, an American singer.

The word singer isn’t really appropriate, she’s more of a rapper than a singer, anyways, you’ll figure out by yourselves, you’re old enough to make up your mind alone.

Here is a little biography of our lady:

Ryeisha Berrain (that’s her real name) comes from Baltimore. Thanks to her sister she met the rapper Blaqstarr with whom she worked on her early materials, she then met M.I.A with whom she’ll define her style.(Do I really have to introduce you to the London storm? ok, for the uncultivated ones, here is her myspace). Rye Rye toured with M.I.A during the fall and winter 2007and early 2008; she also featured on one of M.I.A’s remix of her song ‘paper plane’ with Afrikan boy. She was supposed to have her debut album released in March 2009 but it seems that she needed some more time…ok,let’s be patient then; what’s sure is that she’ll be the first artist signed to M.I.A.’s record label N.E.E.T and you can already listen to her first single ‘Bang’(featuring her friend, co-worker, patron of arts; call her as you prefer) as it’s on the ‘Fast and Furious’ motion picture soundtrack.

I let you make up your mind, I’ve said enough. Here is a video made with her friend Blakstarr (the video is just here, if you click on the link, I say that for the ones who are slow at getting things, a bit like me in fact); here’s the music, and as my friend Pierre says “pump it up”!

DJ Blaqstarr & Rye Rye- Shake It To The Ground

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This week’s featured Designer… Szati!

Custom t-shirts printing

Wordans is proud to showcases many talented artists from around the world, offering unique and innovative designs for you to create your custom t-shirts with.

Szati has quickly become one of our favorite designers. As he unveils is latest collection of mind blowing t-shirt designs, Wordans is proud to present to you… Szati!

Szati, a 24 year old Hungarian comic artist, has blended his love of classic comic book designs and t-shirt graphics, launching his very own wordans boutique with some of the coolest t-shirt designs out there.

Enter his shop and enter the world of Mumuizm. Robotic, deviant, sexy, his characters are unlike anything you’ve seen before. We were taken aback from his creative style from day one, and are proud to offer his collection for you to customize your t-shirts with.

Use any of his designs and place them on the shirt of your choice, you’ll be sporting a orignal Szati design in no time! From Merry and Lazy Mumu, a whacky, paranoid, sexy futuristic duo, to his many robotic characters, come check out the world of Mumuzim.

custom t-shirt design by szaticustom t-shirt by szati

Buy his products today or make your own t-shirt with his designs and support our new emerging artist!

You can also check out our other great designers on our shop page .

Till next time!

Wordans custom t-shirts: Be Your Brand.

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