I love my iPhone

The iphone is everybody’s favorite gadget, and anyone who has one isn’t shy to show it! I mean, when you’ve waited for 6 hours in line and used last week’s pay check for your new iphone, your gonna use it with pride.

But lets be honest folks, isn’t the iphone just a great way to meet new people? Ok, so maybe not… It would be if you didn’t spend so much time playing with it all the time!

Well, now you can get the best of two worlds, because Wordans has the solution for you! Check out this new iphone t-shirt perfect for meeting new people to chat with online at your next lunch break. “Text me!” by smilee will definitely get you some action… Iphone style!

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Over 1500 designs to create your custom t-shirt!

It’s been 1 year since our first designers submitted their custom t-shirt graphics, offering unique and original t-shirt prints for you to customize your t-shirts with. We are glad to announce that Wordans now offers more than 1500 designs for your custom t-shirts.

From Political t shirts to celebrity t-shirt, our Wordans designers never cease to amaze us with the great quality designs they send us each and every day. A couple of my personal favorites include the Clockwork Orange t-shirt and the Kanye West T-shirt shown above (close favorite is the audrey hepburn and Johnny 5! aka Wall-e t-shirt). T-shirt designers for Toronto, Vancouver, San Fransico and accross the world are using Wordans.com to share their best work for you to use. Submit your designs and sell them to the world, or customize your tee shirt today!

As always, we offer digital t-shirt printing or screen printing, offering t-shirt printing for 1 to 1000 pieces, from Montreal to New York.

See you soon!

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Can animal t-shirts eat you?

Animal t-shirts are a tribute to mother nature’s gift to man, and our Wordans designers have been awesome submitting great animal designs for your custom t-shirts. These 2 are my personal favorites: the soft yet dangerous panda and the exotic leopard.  I know you are just dying to print your own custom t-shirt with these guys on them, so go ahead and give it a try!

Don’t worry though, they won’t eat you!

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Thank You to All Our Designers and Fans!

The Wordans Team would like to thank all our designers for the great content that has been submitted over the year. Thanks to you, T-shirt fans can create unique pieces that really stand out. I think we can now say that custom t-shirt printing has never had so much to offered. Talented designers such as Seventhfury, Soak, Paramo, PhilD, Kanari, FNOdesigns, Liquid Space Designs Robe à Pois, Dash, theFunk blackrumpirates courtneysteph 3rd wheel, United Clothing Wasted Seed, Hypnotiza and of course so many more!

Come check out these designers pieces at the Wordans boutique and create your own custom t shirt, hoodie and more! Remember, each designers earns money off your purchases. Buy their products and help them earn more!

We would like to thank all the Wordans fans and users for the continued support and feedback.

Thanks to all for a great year, and remember, after spring comes summer!

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More Fonts for your T-shirt Text

Can’t find the font you want for your custom t-shirt? Check out these cool websites and choose the font YOU want. Don’t be a slave to our font collection, choose for yourself what kind of text you want on your custom t shirt.





Just send us an e-mail with the font file and the text font you want to change on your next custom t-shirt order! (contact@wordans.ca)

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