Finally! Photos of our clients wearing their Personalized T-shirts!

You may have noticed a small hiatus in our blog postings… We’ll be honest, Christmas kept us CRAZY BUSY! But we’re back! AND, we’ve finally started to gather a small collection of photos sent to us from our happy clients. Check out our new Flickr account which showcases new products, neat t-shirt ideas, cool designs … basically anything related to Wordanst-shirt prints!

Festival du Cochon Team T-Shirts!

User uploaded design!

Image selected from our design library!

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Let he Who Never Listened to Michael Jackson Cast the First Stone.

The King of pop is dead. I couldn’t believe it yesterday when I saw it on tv, I first thought it was a journalist error, an extreme anticipation or some kind of a big joke (not the funniest one I agree…)

Then several newspapers confirmed the piece of information, I began to understand that a whole generation was losing an icon, a living soundtrack. I was hearing about the death of my first virtual boy friend as I was flicking through the tv channels. Everything vanished away in a few seconds: my cds, my routines, my perfecto leather and all my Michael Jackson’s t-shirts.

It’s like being abandoned, will we have to find consolation in his nephews, the 3T?…One thing is sure, we’ll have to relisten to these legendary albums our kids will steal from us in a few years; telling their schoolmates: “my mum had all his albums, he was a black singer I think, not so sure,  anyways, that’s for seniors”

We’re deprived of our juke box, our moon walk machine and his glittering gloves but we still have our souvenirs, and to print them further than in my head, I got myself a Michael Jackson custom t-shirt, in order to feel the king on my skin, get back to my very first virtual boyfriend…



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A t-shirt to play with!

Everything started a few years ago when my aunt bought me a bracelet with sparkling letters writing “LOVE”; it wasn’t really my style but I still wanted to keep it as it was a present. So I tried and move the letters to create something a little less girly but I didn’t really succeed. What could I do with this poor little “L.O.V.E” letters ?

I ended up never wearing this bracelet; going from “Levo” to “Elvo”, none of my creations looked like a real word or at least, none looked like something I would be proud of wearing…

So a few weeks ago, I found this bracelet while cleaning my bedroom and burst out laughing when I remembered myself trying and making something out of these letters. I followed this path creating a t-shirt that looks like the scrabble game, giving free rein to my friends’ imagination; except this time I made it easier, leaving only two letters to be guessed…Did you find my word? If you can handle this one, you are ready to create your own custom t-shirt!


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I Love my Boyfriend…’s t-shirt!

When I talk about fashion, I can’t help thinking about this sentence: ” Only fashion goes out of fashion, and that’s fashion that catches on” (translation from the French :”Il n’y a qu’une chose qui se démode:  la mode, et c’est la mode qui emporte le succès”)

I think I was about 9 when I heard that sentence for the first time; it was for our end-of-year-school-show and we had to choose a poem from our handbook and recite it on the D-Day.

One of my friends wanted something short that would take him about 10 seconds to retain. I chose a very long one while he came and left with his short sentence, his performance must have lasted 7 seconds all told, but I must say it was a good one. Originally, this quote was written by Pierre Reverdy in 1956, and I think it illustrates quite well what fashion is.

The trend (even though I hate that word) goes towards the ‘boyfriend’, I must confess I followed it but I must add that I did long ago all the magazines started to talk about it (well long ago in fact as I’ve worn it for years). But what is ‘a boyfriend’? (yes it’s someone you kiss and hang around with, but we’re talking about fashion, not linguistics!) Something ‘boyfriend’ is a piece of clothing you borrow from your boyfriend and which consequently is a bit too large (ideally, unless your boyfriend weights 70 pounds and is 4 feet tall.) Of course all the brand names got hold of the trend and decided to create ‘boyfriend’ for girls (a bit more tigh-fitting), the most famous ‘boyfriend’ are the boyfriend jeans, which can thank the stars for this success.

I started to wear my brother’s clothes when I got fed up with my too tight fitting t-shirts (ok my brother is not my ‘boyfriend’ but you got me yeah?!). My brother gave me a few old t-shirts and I match them my very way, always with feminity.

I keep stealing my boyfriend’s shirts, sometimes his hoodies. I enjoy myself by buying him custom t-shirts I like, so that I can wear them too! It’s less expensive to share a t-shirt and we all love the smell of our boyfriend.

Lately he got himself a zombie custom t-shirt, guess who’s wearing it most of the time?…

Thank you, for getting me a new boyfriend t-shirt!

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Sorry for the Drawing…Happy Father’s Day!

When I was a little girl, I used to draw something horrible for father’s day, of course my dad was still lucky compared to the pasta necklaces my mum got. I’ve always tried my best to do the nicest drawings for my dad, but it always ended up in a lopsided guitar or a tennis racket with its head longer than its handle (useful info: my dad plays guitar and he’s a tennis teacher).

My dad, just like my mum, always was happy with his drawings, he would pin them on the wall next to his guitars and concert posters (talking about it, some of them are still on the wall). My ridiculous drawing mixing with The Beatles, Eric Clapton and a Fender Telecaster, my dad knew how to bring some prestige to my horrors; but thinking about it, I would say his Telecaster lost value because of my “pieces of art”…

I’ve grown up a bit since the tennis racket drawn on this pink paper and I realized my dad was worth a better gifts for father’s day. I wanted something personal, my mum always taught me to get people personal gifts instead of something of public interest such as a pan, screaming loud “Mum! I’m Hungry!”. In fact I didn’t have to think about an idea for long, I live in Montreal and my dad 5000 kms away, I wanted something reminding him of his little girl, a piece of me; but as I wanted to keep my limbs, I opted out for a piece of me less painful than  an organ donation!

I naturally chose a custom t-shirt, with the drawing of a tennis racket looking like the one I drew a few years ago. I can’t wait to see my dad’s face when he sees his personal t-shirt made by me, for him.

I am sure you have your own little story to express on a custom tee shirt. You only have to create it and there you go! My dad won’t be the only one to wear a Wordans father’s day t-shirt! We give you a discount code to save money while pleasing your dad. You’ll get 15% off our father’s day t-shirts with the discount code: HiDad

Get ready, create your own t-shirt!

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Give peace a chance!

There’s this culture imposed at school, the plays we have to read, poems we have to learn, black and white documentaries during which we fall asleep at least 10 times. There’s all that culture that we consider as the “poison of our childhood”, the worm in the apple of our creativity; and one day we grow up and take back this Edgar Poe’s book and after reading a few pages we realize that “waow, that guy was pretty good in fact!” (and we understand why ‘this guy’ is so popular). I reread the poems (I’ve always loved words, might be the reason why I write here every day…), I’ve tried to rewatch the documentaries, it worked for some but I fell asleep in front of others (I never said that by growing up we would LOVE every single thing our teachers fed us with). And then I discovered the museums, I fell in love with them in San Marino, I remember myself admiring the paintings, so precise, so pure, as the sun was impossible to bear outside.

I know that for some of you (and some of us too), museums sound like a senior day-out, you have to be silent, behave well, and on top of that it’s expensive; well, you go there more under obligation than by choice. But trust me this exhibition is really different. It’s at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and it’s called The Peace Ballad of John and Yoko. Then you think this exhibition is focused on one of the Beatles, but in fact it’s not only on one of the Beatles, it’s more about the relationship between John Lennon and Yoko Ono through their works, their story, their fight (peaceful, it goes without saying), their ideology. The exhibition spreads out on 7 rooms with famous pictures and less famous ones, videos, hand written texts, a piano with the score of ‘Imagine’ (if you want to feel like the Great John), white and…white chess sets (as explained, they chose them only white to live in synergy rather than opposition), a wish tree, a rebuilt bed looking like the one John and Yoko had for their bed-in), a phone thanks to which you’ll be able to talk to Yoko once a day (at least that’s what is said…)

It’s a LIVELY exhibition, it’s interactive, different and free (they couldn’t set an exhibition based on peace and ask for a 15 dollars-admission!)

I know that these days, the “peace and love man!” sounds a bit old fashioned, old ways of thinking; our society is a bit more shrewish; but trust me, after the exhibition you’ll feel calm, almost enrolled in a peaceful fight, you’ll want to listen again to your Plastic Ono Band vinyl discs and turn vegetarian (if it’s not already the case)

I was educated by the 60s rock music (and the Beatles of course) thanks to daddy, but I’m neutral (or at least trying to be), and I can tell you that this exhibition is really worth going to and has the same philosophy as Wordans : free speech, keeping our own personality and move forward (our custom t-shirts are another way of expression as music was for John Lennon and many more)

Com’on, give peace a chance!

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Can a t-shirt save my life?

We all know how hard it is for a young designer to become big, it’s like making friends with the coolest people of your class at uni…not that easypeasy right?!

Wordans knows that very well and that’s why we want to help young designers like you who struggle selling their stuff to get started. Our priority is to take young designers out of their cellars, we’re like american idol for custom t-shirts (except we won’t dress you up in a spotty teens’ idol!). We could have arranged for sponsors with big designers as some of our rivals did (do we name them?no ok,let’s be sport!),we opted out for mutual aid so that the small unknown designer lost in the middle of nowhere can have the chance to make his thing thanks to our customers who share our way of thinking

Here is the top 5 designers who did it this month, thanks to all of you:






If you want to be part of our trip, try your luck or just get an idea of how people like your stuff, hop on board and we’ll work together in a cool and chill mindset.

The choice is yours to either open your free t-shirt shop or browse through the top tee shirt designs of the day, remain the master of your business!

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Öom, an organic company!

Summer is coming, we all want new clothes smelling like sun, but in time of recession we HAVE to restrain our shopping binges; there are priorities, such as getting a new air conditioner, paying the holiday trip we’ve been waiting for all year… It might not seem like the right moment for a complete wardrobe change, but Wordans can help you out.

We won’t pay your rent, but we can offer you a special discount of 15% until June 21st on all our summer products. We also have brand new organic Öom t-shirts made in Canada coming soon(from June 21st). Öom is an upcoming brand offering organic t-shirts and natural clothing on which you’ll be able to express yourself with the Wordans Designer. The best part about their brand, not only are they great fitting, super comfortable t-shirts, they actually give 2% of their sales to charities(such as “Dans La Rue“) AND hire socially marginalized employees;because, as they say: “Every small action and effort is the source of social change”. Talk about t-shirt ethics!

Choose your shirt, add a logo and some text, and you’ll be sporting your own summer t-shirt creation in no time. Why not go for a nice yellow shirt? It’s summer after all!

Enjoy our special discount before the sun hits us all!

Coupon Code: hottees

You choose it, you design it. Make your first custom t-shirt at!

Ready, steady, GO!

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