Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Let’s face it, Mother’s day was invented because we don’t cherish and thank our mothers as much as we should. I mean, think of the sacrifice and love a mother gives to her children, that’s worth at least one day of veneration!

If you’re anything like me, you probably haven’t thought about what to get her except for a hallmark card and a bunch of flowers, and you’re probably going to buy all of the above at the nearby corner store. A gift that says “When I stop for gas I think about you” is probably not the best a mom can ask for…

Your mother spent 9 months of her life bearing you, and a lifetime looking after you! She deserves the type of gift that shows thought and appreciation. You need to make her smile and feel appreciated!

Lucky for me, I work at, so I know all about making great mother’s day gifts now. Last year, I made the obvious “I Love my Mom” T-shirt,  she was pretty happy, but I knew I could do better.

Custom t-shirt gifts is about using your creativity, turning a memorable or funny moment into a t-shirt shrine, or printing in big bold letters a message you want to share with the world.

This year, I’m using one of my favorite Wordans t-shirt designs to share an inside joke with my mom. When I moved out, my mother got a small chihuaha, and I always tease her about it. The dog turned out to be a great source of love for her, so I figured I would send her a nice message she can wear and remember every night!

Mother's Day gift

Inspired by Magrite, designed by me! Now that’s a mother’s day t-shirt !

What custom gift ideas can you think of? Send us your best design ideas and you could win a free t-shirt!

Check out our mom t-shirts in our special mother’s day section!

Wordans. Custom Gifts made easy!

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Wordans Fashion – Be your Brand

Wordans gives you the tools and service you need to be your brand. From custom t-shirts to online shops, screen printing to DTG digital printing, Wordans can find the perfect match to fit your needs.

Whether you’re looking for a unique custom t-shirt, or want to start your own designer t-shirt line, the Wordans team is ready to help you wear your dreams.

Take Catherine, a young designer from Montreal who is also a full time student. Using our high quality on-demand digital printing and free professional artwork rendering services,  Catherine was able to make high quality samples for her t-shirt line at a fraction of the cost normally required.

A couple of shirts later, she was able to organize a great looking photo shoot and upcoming fashion show to launch her new brand. With our upcoming new shop system, BBB clothing will be available for sale on her very own Wordans online shop.

Get  creative! Create your own custom t-shirts and see what fresh ideas can come out of YOUR mind!

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Top 5 St-Patrick’s t-shirts of the week

St-Patrick's sale

Wordans is celebrating St-Patrick’s day with the best Green tees on the web! It’s not too late to get your own St-Patrick’s day t-shirt at 15% off.

Here is our Top 5 Irish T-Shirts of the Week

The Shamrock T-shirt

Samrock t-shirt

I Love Beer T-shirt

I love beer

Irish angel T-shirt


Beer is on my mind

Beer t-shirt

Irish Pride T-shirt

Irish Pride t-shirt

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Real orders – Real Quality

So it’s been 1 year since our first online custom t-shirt order, and we’re darn proud it. On this blog, we’ve been showcasing our favorite designs, designers and affiliate resellers to help you get a idea of what our website has to offer.

But what about the orders? What do the t-shirts actually look like once they’re printed? The site looks cool, the designs are great, but how wihat is the end result?

Well, we’ve decided to post pictures of live orders and give a look inside the Wordans printing process.

Here you have a user submitted order from last week using Szati’s “Rawwwr!” design. On the left side, you can see the t-shirt preview as created by the user with our t-shirt creation tool. On the right side is the actual finished product, straight off the press.

We’ve even provided a zoom of the custom t-shirt print to show off the quality. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the digital printing process, this is a white print on dark garment, the most dreaded order in the industry. We are proud to showoff our superior printing quality, even on darks. Our competitors, such as Zazzle, Spreadshirt and Cafepress, certainly do not offer high quality, vibrant digital prints on darks.

Honestly, if you can find a better print than this, at these rates, we’d like to hear about it!

Submit your order pictures and receive 15% off your next order! We want to see your custom t-shirt creations come to life, so don’t be shy, share the love!

Wordans custom t-shirts

Be your Brand.

Social Share Toolbar t-shirts: share your problems!

Help Remedies is an ethically and environmentally friendly pharmaceutical company that aims was created to make solving simple health issues simple., the company’s website, reminds us that we all have problems to deal with, why not share them with the world?

With help t-shirts, basically lets you wear your problems on your breast, taking a load off your shoulders and giving you a chance to remind people that we are all humans. So how does it work? Basically, visit the website and add text to the t-shirt template. You’ll have your very own cry for help t-shirt!

For instance, “help, I am stuck in a nutshell”, or “help, I locked my keys in my car”… Not the greatest ideas, but you get the point! (“Help, I live in a red state” is my personal favorite!)

So visit and get your very own help t-shirt. Be part of the helpIneedhelp movement and take your problems off your shoudler and onto your breast! is proud to provides all t-shirts for For all your custom t-shirt needs, visit us at As always, we print custom t-shirts accross Canada and the USA, and ship worldwide!

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ClockWork Orange T-shirt – A Wordans Original

Clockwork Orange is decidedly one of my all time favorite movies. Stanley Kubrick gives us a look of a familiar future, where delinquents are ”persuaded” to conform to society. Now I always wanted a Clockwork Orange t-shirt, but I figured it was a little bit dated. Today I received this new design which gives a new approach to the famous movie and I just had to share with you.

Kanted Style, a featured Wordans Designer who offers movie themed t-shirts, proposes a unique take on the film with his ”spilled milk” design, showing our anti-hero’s face drowning in spilled milk and oranges. This cool new design is ready to print for you to wear on your own custom movie t-shirt.

If you have any ideas for cool movie t-shirts, or any designs your aching to share, just add a comment below or drop us an e-mail!

Come check out the movie inspired t-shirt store at the Kanted Style boutique.

Till next time!

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Geek T-shirt designs you’ll die for

Geek Robot T-shirtPhotoshop funny geek t-shirt

Check out these new geek designs submitted by designers Phil D and Crazyrig, both designers from Montreal, Canada. I had to throw in the Wordans fraternity symbol, because I think its pretty clever!

We get dozens of new designs every day ready for you to print on you own custom t-shirt. Check out the top 25 at the Wordans boutique, and see what designers from around the World have to offer!

space invaders t shirtFraternity Custom t-shirt

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A tribute to Will Ferrell

Famous for his roles in Anchorman and Old School , Will Ferrell comes right back at us with his new feature film ”Semi-Pro”. As a tribute to my favorite SNL character, I figured I show you guys this Will Ferrell T-shirt Design submited by <a href=””>Ben designs.</a> What a classic Ferrell face!

Will Ferrell t-shirt from old school

In case you don’t see it, Ben is depicting the crazy scene in Old School where Will gets super wasted off beer bongs and tries to get college kids to go streaking with him. Unfortunately, no one follows, and he ends up in the back of his wife’s car :(

We all love you Will (you better love him!) and the crazy antics he delivers. So cudos to Will, and may he never stop being a super tanker! If your interested, you can create your own custom t-shirt with this unique design. <a href=”″>Give it a try!</a>

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