Cheap cheap cheap white t-shirts

This week I’d like to present the Wordans Cheap Tee Foundation! We provide cheap white t-shirts to small budget individuals and web surfers.

Starting at 8$, these t-shirts aim to democratize the customized t-shirt industry and give everyone the opportunity to make their very own cool personnalised t-shirt.

Have an event, a birthday or just want to look good cause it’s been tough back at school?

Just do it!

Funny anecdote is that we actually did make the tricolor triplet faced t-shirt for a friend’s birthday. Tattoo your friend’s face to a shirt, it’s a funny tee and it might actually look good!

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The new website is HERE!

I’d like to introduce our new website 2.0!!

We’ve got everything from new accessories, new products and a really nice new layout.

The new Wordans is more than a piece of eye candy, it’s making ordering customizable t-shirts that much easier and fun!

So check out our local and green t-shirts from OOM,

our sexy V-necks and scoop necks customizable t-shirts by Bella,

and we’re even throwing in a coupon code for you to make the best new customized t-shirts for all the rest of the week:

wordans 2.0

And, we’ve got lots more to come. Every week we will be adding new features including a photo gallery, a wish list, shop examples, a staff page and even blank apparel to choose from.

So what are you waiting for!

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