Over 1500 designs to create your custom t-shirt!

It’s been 1 year since our first designers submitted their custom t-shirt graphics, offering unique and original t-shirt prints for you to customize your t-shirts with. We are glad to announce that Wordans now offers more than 1500 designs for your custom t-shirts.

From Political t shirts to celebrity t-shirt, our Wordans designers never cease to amaze us with the great quality designs they send us each and every day. A couple of my personal favorites include the Clockwork Orange t-shirt and the Kanye West T-shirt shown above (close favorite is the audrey hepburn and Johnny 5! aka Wall-e t-shirt). T-shirt designers for Toronto, Vancouver, San Fransico and accross the world are using Wordans.com to share their best work for you to use. Submit your designs and sell them to the world, or customize your tee shirt today!

As always, we offer digital t-shirt printing or screen printing, offering t-shirt printing for 1 to 1000 pieces, from Montreal to New York.

See you soon!

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Wall-E : A tribute to Johnny 5

Do you remember Johnny 5? This was one of my favorite childhood movies! This AI robot proved to us all that robots can be nice and innocent AI creatures rather than the bleak portrait given by movies such as Terminator and the Matrix.

Wall-E is a new Pixar movie based on the Johnny 5 concept, this time using computer generated images.

FNO Designs has submitted this great Johnny 5 design to celebrate the reincarnation of our favorite robot into the CGI world.

Come check out the different Wall E t-shirts you can create using this Johnny 5 design. Just place you image on a t-shirt, add text, and you have your very own tribute to Walle! Let your imagination run wild for your next custom t-shirts .

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ClockWork Orange T-shirt – A Wordans Original

Clockwork Orange is decidedly one of my all time favorite movies. Stanley Kubrick gives us a look of a familiar future, where delinquents are ”persuaded” to conform to society. Now I always wanted a Clockwork Orange t-shirt, but I figured it was a little bit dated. Today I received this new design which gives a new approach to the famous movie and I just had to share with you.

Kanted Style, a featured Wordans Designer who offers movie themed t-shirts, proposes a unique take on the film with his ”spilled milk” design, showing our anti-hero’s face drowning in spilled milk and oranges. This cool new design is ready to print for you to wear on your own custom movie t-shirt.

If you have any ideas for cool movie t-shirts, or any designs your aching to share, just add a comment below or drop us an e-mail!

Come check out the movie inspired t-shirt store at the Kanted Style boutique.

Till next time!

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