Back to School is profitable with wordans!

We know that going back to school students and parents have more expenses…so to help all of you in this situation, Wordans made a very good promotion to save you money!
Get 3 T-shirts for the price of 2! Remembering that wordans t-shirts can be customized online with your own design wherever you prefer to print on your shirtt.
Looking for a quick and unique gift for a friend or loved one? A customized Wordans Tee shirt is the perfect solution for your gift giving needs!
So don’t waste time. Go there and check it out!
Anyone can benefit from this promotion, don’t lose out. Make your own tee right now! =)
Promotion code: COOLW
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Very Cool Promotion in our Facebook Page!

Last week, Wordans created an one day Promotion on Facebook given to the participants a 20$ Coupon Code for their next Purchase!

It was a success! Due to this, and a numerous requests, We Extended this Promotion until July 31.

We could not let our Blog followers out of it, so follow here the link to participate in this promotion:

You Just need to post and tag us in your Favorite Wordans Shirt!


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Inside View !

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Got a band? Crazy about music? Looking for a shirt to express your passion?

Band shirts are legendary. They have accompanied generations of fans over decades and they represent an souvenir for life. Of course you could easily buy pre-designed merchandise at a concert of your favorite band…

# But what, if you would like to express your passion about a band or a specific style of music via a really individual design?

# As a dedicated fan, how can you support a young band you love, that can’t afford their own merchandise yet?

# What can you do if the style of the merchandise shirts provided at your fav band’s concert does not match your personal taste of fashion?

>>> You already know the answer to all these questions:


Be individual, get creative and design your own shirt now!


Or maybe, you’re a singer-songwriter or you’re a member of an aspiring band yourself!? (Then you should definitely check out our special offer and use our Wordans coupon code BANDW to get 60% off on your shirt order!)

Have fun!


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Hunt a monster on and put it on a garment!

In case you’re looking for a timeless, fashionable and extraordinary design that suits children as well as teenagers and adults: choose one of our M-O-N-S-T-E-R-S available in our t-shirt application.

Put your favorite creature, e.g. gremlin, alien, yeti, beast, dragon, vampire, ghost … on a garment of your choice and get yourself or your friends/family an individual custom present!

Don’t wait until Halloween to scare and/or amuse people with a shirt/hoodie/top designed by yourself!

Creepy wishes,


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Chinglish t-shirts survive the Olympics

For those of you who haven’t heard about it, chinglish, also known as engrish, is a Chinese phenomenon that has had tourists laughing for decades. You don’t have to go there to experience it, you’ve probably seen it at home, on your tv , or even in your closet…

Chinglish is the perfect example of being lost in translation, where simple messages get translated into hilarious typos. Take for example “caution, wet floor”, an easy translation one would guess, but a sign in Beijing reads “careful Landslip Attention security”. One can imagine the embarrassment to the Chinese goverment when the world lands in Beijing and reads “To take notice of safe: The slippery are very crafty” as they are driving on the road!

So severe measures have recently been taken to get rid of all chinglish in Beijing, spelling the end of fun in China as we know it. That’s right, no more “ear spas”. “cash recycling machines” or “genitel emen washing centers”. These memorable translation catasphrophies will be lost forever…

But wait, hope arises from the least expected of places…. t-shirts! Vendors across Beijing have decided to fight back by selling chinglish t-shirts! It goes to show you can never erase history, and thanks to t-shirts, chinglish will live on after the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

You can find your very own chinglish t-shirts on, or make your own by writting your own chinglish message!

You can find more examples on Get inspired to make your next custom t-shirt!

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