3 ways to create your summer sales

I tried to sleep this faithful morning, but my niece wouldn’t let me; she kept shouting, “It’s summer, it’s summer, it’s summer!” So then I dragged myself out of bed and asked her, “What’s the big deal about summer?” Then she rolled her eyes and asked, “You don’t know what’s exciting about summer?”She said summer sales! Mum will make summer sales, and we’d most likely go on vacation. So then she asked, “How do we create summer sales this year?”

Then it occurred to me that the summer is exhilarating; schools are closed, and parents enjoy spending time with their children by going on vacation or visiting exciting places; lovebirds are not ruled out from the summer fun. Also, clothing business owners are not left to out. Summer is just suitable for everybody. 

As a clothing business owner, you should make summer sales by learning how to create the same; every season is essential for doing business and, most importantly, making desired profits. Cool right?

 So how do you create summer sales ideas for your clothing business? We at Wordans strongly believe that you should consider the following;


  • What to sell: The first thing to think about is what sells during the summer. The question here is, what are the most sought-after products during the summer? It gets even more exciting when you realize that children, men, and women all require clothing during the summer.
  • Where to get what to sell: The second question is where you get the products. This question is self-explanatory, but you have to consider a reliable source to get the products. It is critical to partner with a trustworthy company if you want to keep making sales and have your buyers trust you—that is where www.wordans.ca  comes in best brand, best price.  
  • Sell: Of course, you’d make sales after completing the previous two steps.

Here are products from Wordans that would tickle your clothing business fancy this summer;


 Basic Men’s Tank Top

A fantastic fun fact about tank tops is that men can wear them after summer and various ways. Who goes through the summer without a tank top in their wardrobe? There is no man. So we recommend the Gildan  Ultra Cotton top from Wordans. This product is peculiar for its wide variety of colours, excellent style/ prize/ quality ratio, Soft and fashionable quality. Use the link below and feel free to explore other types of tank tops available. Clothing store owners must not ignore the thought of having tees for babies and, it has the potential to become the hottest summer product in your store.


Ideal T-shirt for customization

T-shirts are easy to put on and take off, saving your customers time and effort. It is necessary to stock your store with the same items this summer. Bella+Canvas T-Shirt Wordans bestselling men’s T-shirt is an excellent option to choose for men in the summer.  It is available in various sizes and colours, 100 % cotton textured, soft touch, and a wardrobe focal point for men during summer, and your customers would love them. Bella+Canvas – Jersey T-Shirt is easily customizable and will provide your prints with superior quality and longevity. The version is also available for women. At Wordans, we offer the best. Check it out!

Perfect T-shirts for children

Have you been looking for a  unisex stylish children’s t-shirt for your store, one that is more durable and has a softer feel? Extremely comfortable and pleasant to wear this summer and affordable? The Wordans Gildan  Youth T-Shirt Junior is the answer to your long search,  one of the Summer tees for kids that are simple to put together, a bestseller that comes in different sizes, colours, 100% cotton, and an affordable price on each buy. Get creative with kids’ designs to give your store a summer feel. What are you waiting for?



Baby boy T-Shirt for summer

The best summer product award should go to the Wordans Rabbit Skins Infant T-Shirt. Remember, babies are also in existence this summer. Clothing store owners must not ignore the thought of having tees for babies, So allow your store to have the babies feel this summer! Made of 100% cotton and regularly fits in styling, affordable price, and excellent quality! Explore using the link below. Check them out!



Wordans will offer the best price, discount, and shipping if required.

In our summer sales, we showed you four sample products to integrate into your collection and increase awareness of your brand. For more information, visit www.wordans.ca and follow us on our Instagram page @wearewordans. In addition, you can submit a bulk request via the website.


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