From dream to reality: how to launch a clothing line?

Are you planning on creating your own textile brand or a customizable products company? Wordans is here to give you insight on all the secrets to a successful launch in the textile e-commerce business. Follow the guide!

While general clothing sales are declining, e-commerce is on a roll! According to the Federation of e-commerce and distance selling (Fevad), the turnover of online sales will exceed 130 billion euros by 2021. As far as textile e-commerce is concerned, the market is large and international, with great possibilities if you know how to find your niche and take advantage of the turnkey solutions that are available to you. 

Researching the market

Before you embark on building your brand, it is essential that you research the market carefully to determine your business plan. The fashion e-commerce sector is full of business opportunities, but it is also very competitive. It is essential to conduct a competitive survey beforehand, to analyse the market offer and to choose a niche that is not yet exploited if possible: find out which potential customers are likely to be the most receptive. 


Define your target and brand identity

You will need to choose which items are most appropriate to represent your brand. If you’re a beginner and at a loss, T-shirts and hoodies are a good place to start. Unless you choose to develop a loungewear brand? In that case, it’s best to turn to tracksuits and comfortable trousers. Or your site will specialise in customised accessories, in which case you will need plain caps and bags for example. In any case you should list the types of plain textile products that best match your brand’s spirit, both in shape and composition. 

Creating your business plan

Once you have defined your target market and chosen the type of product you will offer, you need to move on to strategy. Are you going to have your orders delivered directly from suppliers or are you going to have your own storage and distribution chain? Will you need to source unlabelled products to create your own label? Financially, you will also need to establish the maximum purchase price at which you can buy from suppliers, otherwise your launch will not be profitable. It is wise to think carefully about these different criteria, which are crucial to establishing the right guideline for launching your clothing brand. 


Register your brand name

After thinking about and defining the business plan, it is now time for the new entrepreneur to take action by formalising the company brand. Choose a business name that is free, easy to remember and to carry internationally. In addition, you should choose a name that reflects your brand identity, making it easy to understand what you are offering. You will then need to file your company’s business name, create its articles of association and register it with the commercial register. 

Create your website

This crucial step allows you to materialise the virtual shop on which you will distribute your products. The website must follow a certain number of rules to be effective: it must be easy to use, intuitive, clearly present the products, their descriptions, the conditions of sale, etc. The creation of your page can be done thanks to specialised sites like WordPress, or softwares such as Volusion or BigCommerce. If you are not comfortable with the creation of the website, you can entrust the project to a webmaster. 

Choose an easy way to source and distribute your products

We have summarised the main steps to follow when launching a textile website. But what are the tricks to save time, money and avoid mistakes? Choose the solutions and products of Wordans, a textile e-commerce specialist that puts all its experience and know-how at your service to make it easier for you to sell online: Wordans offers you the best prices for wholesale purchases of plain clothes. Wordans negotiates the prices of thousands of references with the best suppliers of plain textile products. You are therefore guaranteed to get the best deals without wasting time. In addition, Wordans’ teams, with their experience in Europe, Canada and the United States, can provide you with advice and product ideas based on trends and the calendar. Not to mention the tailor-made logistical solutions that Wordans offers to entrepreneurs who do not have a storage facility.

Launching a textile brand can be a complicated adventure, or a very rewarding one if the right choices are made. Make it easy to launch your e-commerce business by sourcing the best brands at the lowest prices, while enjoying the best service. Wordans is a great way to enter the textile e-commerce market.


At Wordans, we offer you our solid experience in the textile e-commerce sector. With many years of experience in developing online textile shops, our teams provide you with tips and tricks to make your online business more successful. Take advantage of our expertise, logistics solutions and product advice to develop a tailor-made range and sales strategy.

Moreover, to check out our product selection visit our website  at and search for daily news and inspiration on our instagram page @wordans_canada.



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