Global Entrepreneurship Week: How to become a successful entrepreneur in the fashion industry?

Global Entrepreneurship Week is an international initiative to promote entrepreneurship and create synergies between aspiring entrepreneurs, mentors and potential investors. In November, numerous activities and workshops are organised in 170 countries participating in this event. Are you a self-starter, do you like innovation and are you ready for a challenge? Then you are probably a budding entrepreneur!

But being a successful entrepreneur cannot be improvised. You have to know how to prepare yourself on a material level as well as on a psychological level. On the occasion of this worldwide celebration of innovative entrepreneurs, creators of businesses and jobs, from Wordans we want to analyse the keys to success for a digital entrepreneur in the fashion sector. What qualities are needed to be a good entrepreneur? How to improve your entrepreneurial track record, and propose a competitive offer? What are the risks to take into account? With several years of experience in the industry in the US, Canada and Europe, Wordans provides some tips for you in this post. 

The qualities of a good entrepreneur

For an entrepreneurial project to be successful, it takes more than just a budget and an idea. In most cases, the success of an e-commerce business depends on the personality and characteristics of the entrepreneur. Boldness and ambition are major assets that need to be developed to succeed. But that is not all. A good entrepreneur must be able to anticipate the needs of his customers and his market, to be able to offer the right products at the right time, and this before others. To achieve this, the ideal entrepreneur will have to keep a constant watch on his or her sector, taking an interest in market trends, future innovations, but also in the problems encountered by customers, in order to be able to offer them a suitable solution that will differentiate them from other companies. In other words, you have to be curious, competent and competitive, and always on the lookout for new growth opportunities! The right match between planning, market needs, innovation and supply capacity are the keys to the success of your entrepreneurial venture. Furthermore, as we have explained, the entrepreneur must be bold: he or she must plan the business plan well in order to know what risks the project faces, and must not be afraid to take the plunge. Without risk-taking, there is no entrepreneurship.

The best brands to get started 

Would you like to take the plunge and become an entrepreneur in the textile sector? Or maybe you are already one, and you are looking to expand your range with attractive products that will help you build customer loyalty? We recommend three brands of plain clothing that are sure to appeal to your customers and allow them to customise the pieces as they wish:


The Gildan brand is perfect for starting out in the textile market or for attracting more customers. Gildan’s garments are plain items, available in a wide range of colours, from classic to bright, which can be customised to suit your customers’ needs and requirements. Moreover, Gildan has developed easy-to-wear cuts, cut in fluid and pleasant materials (jersey or cotton), and with careful finishing.


Jerzees has been a reference in customisable clothing for many years and is a sure bet for launching your business. Jerzees offers a whole range of basic plain clothing for women, men and children: T-shirts, hoodies and polo shirts, available in a dozen different colours. 


Next Level 

Still not sure which brands to distribute? Trust Next Level, a ready-to-wear brand that has already proven itself in the customisable textile sector. From short- and long-sleeved tops to hoodies and tank tops, Next Level creates plain cotton fleece garments that your customers will appreciate customising as they wish. 


Entrepreneurial ability cannot be taught: it is a desire and a constant need to create, to undertake and to materialise ideas. On the other hand, developing your online business correctly and being a good entrepreneur in the textile world can be learned. Knowing how to anticipate risks and face them, not being afraid to launch, knowing how to intelligently differentiate yourself from your competitors and launching the right product at the right time. This is a complex exercise, but one that can be achieved with a good dose of will and motivation, observation and a touch of temerity. Remember: offering quality customisable items at competitive prices is the key to making yourself more attractive and increasing your sales.

We hope that you found our article interesting and useful. If you wish to discover all our products visit our website and don`t forget to check our instagram page @wearewordans for daily promotions and inspiration!


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