How can you best prepare your business for the holiday season?

For many businesses, Christmas is one of the most important sources of income of the year. That’s why, as early as November, businesses are preparing their products and campaigns to boost sales during this key period and attract potential new customers. Well-prepared sales strategies will ensure that your business gets the most out of this festive period. All retailers are offering discounts and special offers to attract more customers to their stores. In such a competitive environment, how can you convince consumers to buy their Christmas gifts from you? Here are some tips:


Offer selected discounts

During the so-called Advent period, the weeks leading up to Christmas, consumers are looking for the best deals on gifts. Household and business budgets are getting tighter and tighter, and the list of people to give a gift to is getting longer. So for Christmas, don’t hesitate to present yourself as Father Christmas and offer gifts in the form of discounts to your customers: special discounts on your bestsellers and well displayed on the site will hasten the decision to purchase. You can also enlarge your customer’s shopping basket with discounts for multiple purchases.

Create gift guides and gift cards

Almost every retailer has special sales for the holiday season. Propose a real added value for your customers by creating shopping guides! List products and gift suggestions that seem to be the most interesting to offer according to the recipient (gifts for men, women, sportsmen, nature lovers, etc.). This way, not only do you offer ideas to save your customers time (no more headaches finding gifts) but you also ensure a minimum of sales, since these interested customers will naturally go towards the products suggested in your guides. Finally, give the option of gift cards: this practical solution delights undecided customers and allows you to ensure more sales.


Plan campaigns

The festive season is synonymous with Christmas lights, gifts, golden, red or silver decorations… And yes, our imagination is already full of clichés and motifs linked to Christmas celebrations. To get consumers in the mood and encourage them to start buying gifts, it is interesting to adapt the visuals of your website: make your e-store dynamic with colours, animations or even games in the Christmas theme, winter and end-of-year celebrations. This puts potential customers in a state of readiness and they can start the countdown to make their purchases. On the other hand, remember to plan your marketing or e-mailing campaigns well, for example: each week there should be a “call-to-action” and a new Christmas discount or special offer highlighted on the website’s homepage.


A good selection of products

Entrepreneurs should pay particular attention to the products they wish to promote during this period of Christmas sales. Wordans has selected three perfect items for you to promote on your website at Christmas:

The organic cotton Hoodie is a great gift! The hoodie is a timeless piece of clothing that is suitable for everyone, and this model, made from 100% organic cotton, will appeal to the most demanding customers.


For ladies, the customisable T-shirt is a basic staple that suits everyone. We suggest this premium model from Next Level . Soft with its spun cotton fibres, it is available in twenty-five different colours for a personalised gift.



Our third suggestion is a classic essential that we all like to have in our drawers: the soft jogging trousers for a warm winter. These Gildan trousers are a perfect gift with their unisex cut in three basic colours.




The end of year celebrations represent an unmissable opportunity for all e-commerce entrepreneurs. Don’t miss it! Textiles are an easy product to distribute for this occasion. Moreover, customisable textiles are an ideal gift that can be adapted to any request. Our basic brands in plain colours are an easy way to attract new customers for Christmas.

Check out all our products and more at or on our instagram page @wearewordans.


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