How can you orient your e-commerce towards sustainable development?

In this article, Wordans provides tips for textile e-commerce entrepreneurs to transform their business into one that has a positive impact on the environment.


Creating your strategy: building a sustainable brand

By orienting your textile e-commerce towards a sustainable development policy, you are responding to new consumer needs. You offer them a new consumption alternative that is more in line with their vision of the world. Once your strategy is in place, it is essential to develop a sustainable marketing plan, which will place your brand in the minds of consumers as an eco-friendly and sustainable brand. Your customers and potential customers should be able to easily associate your brand or logo with this spirit. The goal? That when they buy this brand, they are sure to consume responsibly!





Transforming your offer

You choose to orient your e-commerce towards sustainable development? The first step is to define the items that will make up your offer. Choose products made from recycled or ecological fabrics. Organic cotton is an excellent choice for creating a range of customisable, eco-responsible plain clothes. You can also choose a niche within the sustainable textile market: for example, a range of eco-friendly clothes especially designed for babies and children, or a series of organic sportswear. 





Defining your target 

Which consumers are looking for new eco-responsible products in the textile sector? More and more people are concerned about the principle of eco-responsibility. However, not all professional groups can afford to consume fairly. Keep in mind that going sustainable is a process that requires effort and sacrifice. Green approaches impact supply chain costs and inflate production costs. Nevertheless, informed customers know that a commitment to greener consumption requires a financial effort for both production and purchase. Those who want to consume differently are therefore more likely to pay more for these products. The sustainability of the item, the fairness of the production, and the choice of materials and processes that minimise the carbon footprint are all assets that compensate for a higher selling price.



Optimise your packaging and shipping policy

In order to reconcile your business plan with the new sustainable brand image of your textile e-commerce, you will need to offer services and options that are in line with this eco-friendly policy. The first impression customers will have when they receive your products will be the packaging. This is an essential criterion for setting new standards that meet the expectations of today’s customers. No more waste, you need to optimise waste management and limit unnecessary packaging. Younger generations, like all environmentally conscious people, will attach importance to the packaging you choose. Choose packaging made from recycled materials, reusable materials, and return and delivery options that limit travel and carbon footprint.


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T-shirts, polo shirts, hoodies, bags or accessories, … there are all the references to create a new line with a “sustainable development” spirit!



As you can see, while price and quality are essential to the purchase decision, several recent studies show that the environmental impact of production is just as important. By transforming your online business into a sustainable e-commerce, you will allow your customers to trust a brand that manufactures and markets its products in a way that limits the negative impact on the planet. The opportunities of a booming market are available to you: take advantage of them thanks to our partnership!

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