International Women’s Day: Celebrating women entrepreneurs !

8th of  March is a key date for feminist struggle and the defence of women’s rights on all Continents.

International Women’s Rights Day is organized to defend the rights of women and girls around the world, and to encourage institutions to put in place tools to reduce gender inequality in all aspects of society. On this occasion, demonstrations are organized in order to demand the right to education, the right to vote and to work for women. It is a date to remember the struggle of our mothers and grandmothers so that we ourselves can grow up in a more equal world.

Women entrepreneurs and women empowerment

What does it mean to be a woman in 2022? At Wordans we have decided to pay special tribute to the women in our sector, the Women Entrepreneurs in the textile e-commerce industry who have succeeded in building their own business and launching their clothing lines. Anyone who succeeds in making their business successful deserves a round of applause, but on International Women’s Day we wanted to highlight the journeys of these women who choose to start their own business journey. To all the women entrepreneurs who have not given up on their dream and who have given themselves the means to succeed.

Develop your intrinsic qualities

Not all women have the same attitude towards the responsibilities they could assume. This is often due to the education and the social, economic, geographical or cultural context in which they grew up. Today, many women have been able to overcome the barriers that kept them away from positions intended for men, and have demonstrated that it is possible to become a company director or the president of a large group, regardless of one’s original situation. After training, they proved that women have innate management and organizational skills that are essential for a good CEO. These women should serve as role models for younger women to show them that they can become the person they want to be.

Develop your knowledge and network

To become a successful entrepreneur, you have toknow your skills. Gone are the days of false modesty and the days when women had to keep their heads down and be discreet. Women are asserting themselves and assuming leadership in business. After proper training and experience, a good  entrepreneur is not afraid to assert her choices and decision making. She does not doubt, is able to take risks and assume the consequences. And this while sometimes having to stand up to the macho or discriminatory behaviour that persists in our society. On the other hand, to succeed in creating and expanding her business, a woman must, like any good entrepreneur, activate her network. Contacts and professional network are essential for the proper development of a business. Women should take advantage of networks and platforms specifically designed to provide a springboard for women’s businesses, an additional asset that should not be missed.


Women in e-commerce

Textile e-commerce is a sector that attracts many women entrepreneurs. Starting an online clothing business has many advantages. Managing the business remotely allows for a better balance between work and family life: you can manage your business from home by implementing the right processes and choosing “turnkey” solutions such as the logistical solutions we offer to help our customers get started. On the other hand, customisable textile garments allow a certain creative and artistic freedom for the design of logos or screen prints to be put on the pieces that are sold on our site.

On the occasion of International Women’s Rights Day, the Wordans team pays tribute to women entrepreneurs in textile e-commerce.



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