Pros and Cons of Different Customization Methods

Apparel customization has never been more popular. Thanks to modern features of the internet, like the Wordans customization tool, you can see how your apparel designs willlook before purchasing, which has led to more and more people trying their hand at creating their own personalized clothing.

Many people enjoy the thought of having unique t-shirts, sweaters and hoodies, while others create their own apparel brands for retail. The options are truly endless with apparel customization, but what are the most common methods? And what are the pros and cons of each?


Digital Printing


One of today’s most popular customization methods is digital printing, which involves printing images onto clothing via a computer. High-tech machinery is used to transfer digital images directly onto garments with this technique, producing high-quality prints, which is one of the main advantages of digital printing compared to other methods. Another huge positive of digital printing is that there is almost no limit to the colors you can request in your designs, opening a wide range of possibilities for budding designers. These advantages are a big part of why digital printing is loved by people who wish to have portraits and funny pictures printed onto t-shirts and other apparel.

Despite its plus points, there are also a few disadvantages to digital printing. Firstly, the whole process can be quite time-consuming, from uploading or sending designs to the necessary computers to the actual printing of each individual item. Secondly, this method is generally more expensive than others because of the advanced machinery it requires. High-tech comes at a price! So, digital printing is most commonly preferred for small orders of 20 pieces or fewer.


Screen Printing

Screen printing is one of the oldest ways of printing on apparel that is still in use today, having first appeared in 10th century China. This method consists of first printing designs onto a mesh screen (hence the name) before transferring them to garments via a printing press. Screen printing remains the most popular technique in the clothing industry thanks to its many advantages, such as the vivid, long-lasting tones it produces. When you opt for screen printing, you can be sure your design won’t start to fade after a few washes. Another advantage of screen printing is that it’s a relatively easy way to print, it’s fast and uncomplicated, making it perfect for large-volume orders.

One of the cons of screen printing is that only a limited number of colors can be used, so it isn’t suitable for more detailed designs. Additionally, it uses a lot more ink than other methods. Although this contributes to the longer-lasting higher quality of designs, it can lead to a raised effect that you may not want. Finally, this method is only cost-effective when ordering large quantities but less so for smaller orders.





Finally, the printing method that needs no introduction, embroidery. We all know what embroidery is, but did you know that has been around since the 5th century BC? The methods used today aren’t too different from the ones used in those days, if it aint broke, don’t fix it! Embroidery is perfect for the most intricate designs, especially with the latest sewing machines, which can be programmed to create detailed prints in minutes. This technique is also great because embroidered designs generally last longer than those that have been screen or digitally printed.

However, embroidery isn’t ideal for all designs because it adds a considerable amount of weight to the garment, so it’s best for smaller designs. Another downside to embroidery is that you are limited by the number of available thread colors, which is naturally likely to be much fewer than the tones available with screen or digital printing.



Wordans offers customization options on a wide range of apparel, so be sure to visit our page and try our new customization tool to see your ideas come to life. We offer various printing methods for personalized apparel and branded merchandise. You can also find more inspiration on our Instagram page @wearewordans.


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