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The Winter Olympics are taking place in Beijing until 20 February! This international event is particularly favorable for the sale of customisable textile clothing. Follow our advice.


The Olympic Games generate a unique national enthusiasm and fervor. The competition has always excited the general public by presenting the world with a sample of the best sporting prowess and the physical and mental strength of our athletes. For this occasion, customisable clothing is in great demand to dress groups of supporters of a team or athlete. This year’s Winter Olympics, against the backdrop of the pandemic, will be experienced by fans from a distance for health reasons. Fans will gather at home with family, friends or sports club members in the comfort of wearable clothing. We have selected a range of plain, label-free, customisable textile Wordans products  for you to offer a range of items to fans who want to show their support for their favorite athletes. 

Women’s tank top

This women’s tank top from Team 365 allows you to run and train in a breathable and comfortable fabric, while maintaining a decidedly feminine look. The collar is rounded with a swimmer’s back that reveals the shoulders. It is made of a 100% polyester fabric treated to provide better protection against moisture and UV rays. This makes it a great ally for women who practice outdoor sports and running. The model is available in white, light grey, black, dark grey, dark blue, red, royal blue and bright yellow. It fits all body types with seven sizes from XS to 3XL. 

The hoodie

The hoodie is a timeless garment that is pleasant to wear and indispensable for winter sportswear. We recommend that you offer a hoodie to accompany the T-shirts and tank tops in your special Olympic line. It will be appreciated by your customers to warm up while watching their favourite team. Choose this stylish model from Team 365 : we like its modern yet relaxed look, with a kangaroo pocket on the front and a drawstring hood. The ribbed knit cuffs and hemline complete the look. The item is made of cotton and polyester for comfort. It is available in white, light grey, black, dark grey, dark blue, red, royal blue and bright yellow. This way, women can combine it with their tank top. Because even if it is a men’s sweater, women will certainly appreciate its comfort to complete their sporty look.  


The polo shirt for men

Because sport is not necessarily synonymous with tracksuits, some fans will appreciate wearing a stylish yet comfortable garment to entertain and follow their favorite teams. Offer them a short-sleeved polo shirt, ideal for combining with jeans or dress trousers. This lovely model from Team 365 is a perfect alternative to a T-shirt. It has a placket collar with three button fastenings and neatly finished sleeves. The fabric provides high protection against moisture and UV rays. It is available in three elegant and sober colours: black, grey and blue. This model is particularly suitable for larger sizes as it is manufactured from size L to 4XL. 



Whatever your business is, do you want to accompany your customers to the Winter Olympics? Or do you specialize in clothing customisation and are looking for items to offer for the Winter Olympics enthusiasts? With these three customisable items in different flag colors, you can easily create a line of fan clothing for the whole family: one item for women, another for men, and a stylish and comfortable hoodie for Mr. to lend to Mrs.! The hoodie’s different colors will suit many teams, and you can offer the matching women’s tank top. The polo shirt is the elegant and sporty men’s piece in this special Olympic trio. 


Moreover, to check out our product selection visit our website  at and search for daily news and inspiration on our instagram page @wordans_canada.


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