Your merchandise for Pink October 2021

Breast cancer is the second most common cancer in women after skin cancer, so raising awareness and wearing pink in October has become a yearly tradition. The entire month of October is dedicated to wearing pink to help educate the populace about breast cancer. More people are joining the movement as knowledge spreads, and October 2021 will be no exception. Therefore, you should Consider Pink October 2021 Merchandise.

Many people will want to wear it pink this October, and we believe that everyone wants to raise money and help make life-saving research and life-changing care available to cancer patients. Shoppers will flock to your store for this reason, but not just any pink products or accessories will suffice; only high-quality, fashionable, and reasonably priced items will win the hearts of most customers.

You can count on Wordans to organize Pink October 2021 Merchandise because we like to raise awareness, promote pink products and encourage other businesses to do the same.

Wear it pink this October 2021 with the most intriguing Wordans products. Please check the products listed below:

Women’s short sleeve crew neck t-shirt

Because they are durable and easily customizable, crew t-shirts are the most popular during the pink period. Your customers simply cannot live without it in their wardrobe because they are always comfortable and can be worn all year. It can be styled in a variety of ways, including formal, casual, and even alternative looks. Gildan – Ladies Heavy Cotton T-Shirt by Wordans is a good buy because it is 100% cotton and comes in various sizes and colours than pink. One-piece can be yours at an affordable price as we also offer free shipping on orders of $129 or more! So hurry to fill your store while the offer is still available.




Customizable Tank Top

Several organizations have scheduled awareness walks for this period, and ladies still want to look beautiful no matter how casual the event. A tank top is an excellent investment because it can be styled with a jacket when it’s cold and easily removed when it’s hot. Wordans’ Bella+Canvas – Ladies Flowy Racerback Tank in soft pink is the answer to your long search for cuteness. The same item is available in a variety of sizes at an affordable price. It’s made of Poly-viscose and can be easily customized. Even after the wear-it pink period is over, it is durable and easily styled with other clothing. You should look into it.





Unisex Hooded Sweatshirt

We cannot overstate the importance of hoodies at this time of the year because it coincides with fall. On cold days, a hoodie will suffice. Wordans’ bestseller, the  Gildan – Heavy BlendTM Youth Hood, is a good choice; it comes in two shades of pink, light pink and safety pink. This hooded sweatshirt is of superior quality,  cotton  50% and 50% polyester composition, and suitable for men and women. We want to emphasize the availability of a wide range of sizes, and you can customize with unique text for Pink October; it can be personalized for individuals and groups. It’s affordable, and we have an excellent shipping offer. This offer is for you.




Leveraging the products mentioned above will benefit Pink October 2021 Merchandise, and profits from sales are guaranteed. In addition, free shipping is available on orders over $129! Furthermore, the wholesales deal is fantastic. For more information, please visit, or follow us on Instagram @wearewordans. Again, custom-made clothing can be purchased directly from the website, i.e. even the logo for Pink October can be customized instantly from Wordans. Amazing!



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