Prepare your merchandise for Black Friday

The countdown to the holiday season is on!  In terms of marketing strategy, this means that it is high time to prepare the products and collections to be featured in your shop or online store during Black Friday. This year, more than ever, consumers need to spread out their spending on Christmas gifts and are […]

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Your merchandise for Pink October 2021

Breast cancer is the second most common cancer in women after skin cancer, so raising awareness and wearing pink in October has become a yearly tradition. The entire month of October is dedicated to wearing pink to help educate the populace about breast cancer. More people are joining the movement as knowledge spreads, and October […]

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Back to School essentials for children

The urgency that comes with children’s needs causes no parent to deny them anything good. Back to school essentials can be compared to a child’s birthright, and we are confident that most people can attest to that. Children’s needs are always prioritised in the eyes of parents or guardians; this has been the case since […]

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The Best Activewear For Your Business

On a scale of one to ten, clothing is one of the most basic human needs; show me a man in need of food and shelter, and I’ll show you a thousand more in need of clothing. So one of the tips on how to stay in business as a business person is to research […]

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Prepare your business for Back to School

The holiday is over, but life goes on; the vacation is over, the fun continues; the summer is nearly over, and sales continue. Have you considered how you can continue to sell? A businessperson’s approach should be to constantly be in business, regardless of the time or season. Having a target audience all year is […]

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