How small businesses can celebrate Pride month

June is Pride month, the month of celebration for Pride, the sexual freedom march. A colorful event for which small textile entrepreneurs can sell many products. Follow the guide with Wordans.   What is Pride and how can I enjoy it? Every year in June, thousands of people dress in rainbow colors to demand sexual […]

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Successful Digital Marketing Strategy: Search Engine Optimization

Welcome to another Wordans blog providing professional advice on how to create a successful digital marketing strategy for your business. Whether you´re already a business owner or you´re thinking of starting one, we have gathered essential information that will help you to create an outstanding marketing strategy that will raise your brand awareness and enhance […]

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4 ideas for corporate gifts

Opt for accessories to give away to build customer loyalty! Wordans has selected for you 4 perfect objects to be personalized for your corporate gifts.  Offering items as gifts to your customers or employees is an easy and effective communication strategy. Many small objects can be easily personalized with a logo or a slogan representing […]

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The E-commerce Starter Pack: 5 must-have products for 2022

This year seems to be an excellent year for textile e-commerce. Do you want to start your business? But you don’t know yet which products to choose to commence? Follow the guide! The year 2022 is an excellent year to start an online business selling customizable plain textile products. Today, there are many plain items […]

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