Barack or Michelle’s t-shirt?

Obama or Kennedy? It seems that the Obama clan wants to follow the lead of the Kennedy clan: explosure of a neat and clean loving family,¬†frenzied crowds, loved or hated; they’re a real rock star family! (careful the Osbourne!) While Barack has started his Middle East tour and is being criticized by Al Qaeda, his […]

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Mc Cain is Homer Simpson

Mc Cain is Homer Simpson… Need I say more? Buy This T-shirt

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McCain Ate My Children!

I was watching a rerun of the Republican Convention the other night. Sarah Baracuda was unveiling her masterplan on how to save America (from what I understand, the less private jets in Alaska, the less changes of getting attacked by terrorists), McCain was introducing her beautiful family, the crowd was cheering USA, USA! I thought, […]

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