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You have the choice of browsing some of the coolest sports, vintage, logo tshirts, funny t shirts and sexy shirts other users have designed. We ship worldwide and offer exclusive deals for those ordering from Canada, we also ship to USA, UK and Australia. Unlike other custom clothing and printing companies, we offer cheap custom t-shirts using the best fitting body wear from American Apparel and more.

Quality Always First

Would it be too much to ask for quality clothes but without the price tag?

Well, maybe there can be such a thing.

When it comes to setting up your online retail apparel, you have to be picky about the quality. The last thing we want is to have clothes that leave customers in dismay.

Which is why we take extreme care in stocking clothes that have the highest quality but still leave you with plenty of room to not go over your pesky budgets.

Production Standards:

How do you know whether the clothes you are buying are of high quality?

Well, you need to do your research. Production standards are an important part of everyone’s search list when it comes to finding the right wholesale partner to meet your quality needs. You need to know if the company are in full control of the quality from start to finish or are outsourced to reputable others.

Fruit of Loom clothing hits the nail on the head, quality clothes but rarely going over the 10 dollar mark. Using finest raw cotton and ethics to match the standard of the clothes, we are proud to stock Fruit of Loom as one of our best sellers at Wordans.

We checked to make sure the company has complete control from start to finish to ensure production (and of course ethics link to ethics post) are maintained at high standards across the board.

Try out our Fruit of Loom collection. With this amount of attention to detail, it’s no wonder these products are in high demand.

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Eco Friendly in the Wholesale Industry

The clothes wholesale industry can leave a serious amount of negative footprint on the environment. To create the ‘best shade’ of red, toxic dyes and other ingredients are used in the manufacturing process which can contribute to a big whole in the ozone layer.

Pesticides are used when growing cotton and 1/3 of a pound of toxic chemicals is used to make just one shirt.

So what’s the solution?

We try to find sustainable organic suppliers, that use natural fibres or sustainable fabrics to trim the amount of carbon utilized in the pursuit of the perfect outfit. Renewable fibres add durability to your clothes. Making your clothes appear timeless after multiple uses and washes. The textures are often thicker and can show off the quality of the stitching.

We look for companies that are WRAP certified and with a transparency that promotes green use. Suppliers such as Bella + CanvasAlternative Apparel and Fruit of Loom are promoting forward thinking eco friendly policies. In today’s world of fast moving consumer goods, it is imperative that companies like these act as inspiration to the rest of the western world.

Now, we’ve talked about being eco-friendly. But what what about the quality?

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Bella + Canvas – Dissecting The Tee


Did you know that two seemingly identical tees can be very different? When you look into what goes into its construction all the way down to the thread level you will be able to see these differences.

How a tee is made has immediate influence on the way it feels, the fit, durability and printability.

Below we will break down the different elements of a tee you’ll want to pay attention to so you can ensure you’re getting the right blank for you and your business.

Carded Open End vs. Ringspun

Ring spun cotton

You start with the same cotton fiber strands. But in the Ringspun process the yarn is made by continuously twisting and thinning the strands making a very fine rope of cotton fibers. The twisting makes the short hairs of cotton stand out, resulting in a stronger yarn with a significantly softer hand.

Combed and ring-spun cotton, this kind of fibers are spun then combed through to remove impurities while ensuring they stays soft to the touch. Fewer impurities mean a smoother surface to print on. Our BELLA+CANVAS products, for instance, are broadly known for their superior quality as they use this combing and ring-spun method.

Carded open-end. The industry standard is usually a carded open-end tee, since it is a cheaper way of turning cotton into yarn. In this method, fibers are bound by a wrapped fiber that runs perpendicular to the bundle, whereas in ring-spun cotton, all of the fibers are aligned in the same direction. Up close you can see that carded open end fiber is bulky, fuzzy and creates an uneven knit.

Side-Seamed vs. Tubular

Side Seams create the tailored structure a tee needs to fit correctly. Although pricier to make, these are the only type of tees you’ll find in a retail store. They also happen to be the only type of tees you’ll find at BELLA+CANVAS.

Tubular Tees are cheaper to manufacture because they require less sewing. They are made by cutting “tubes” of fabric, so they’re exactly the same in the front and the back, aside from the neck drop. Because of this, and the fact that our bodies are not tubes, these types of tees tend not to fit right.

Singles and Weight

Single is a term that refers to the diameter of a yarn, determined by number of times you twist the fiber. The higher the single, the finer the yarn and the softer resulting garment.  Think of it like you do sheets—a higher thread count means softer the sheets! Most cheap shirts are made from 18 or 20 singles. 

Weight, as you can probably guess, is the weight of per square yard or meter. Lighter fabrics tend to be made from combed and ring-spun cotton and are typically much softer than the heavy weight, open-end alternatives.

Now you can navigate the market like a pro! 

If you think that’s cool come here our take on Bella + Canvas Fast Fashion.

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Alternative Apparel

At Wordans we like to know that not only are the prices affordable but the quality(link) and environmental policies are up to our standards.

Trying to do your part for the environment? Alternative Apparel thrives off creating an eco-friendly brand. Creating stylish and sustainable clothing suitable for all your adventures in life. Premium garms are stitched together with sustainable materials and processes. They take their eco-friendly passion to the extreme by using organic and recycled materials, low-impact dyes and water conserving washes.

Cool, sleek designs mean you can do your part for the environment in style.

So why not wear clothes that matter and head on over to Wordans to pick up some Alternative Apparel at extremely low prices?

Wanting to find more eco friendly high quality clothes we sell, check out our guide ‘Quality always first’.

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The Top 5 Summer Time Style Guide

Turn up the heat as we leave the spring behind us. In this guide, we are going to show you the top five peices you can wear this summer as chosen by us.

If you are looking for a money saving summer style, then we’ve got the tips to get you started!

1. Bella+Canvas 3406 – Wideneck T-Shirt

Bella+Canvas 3406 - Wideneck T-Shirt Bella+Canvas 3406 - Wideneck T-Shirt Bella+Canvas 3406 - Wideneck T-Shirt Bella+Canvas 3406 - Wideneck T-Shirt

Get a bit of sun to the chest with a wide neck T-Shirt. Avoid not making optimal use of tanning spots (nothing feels better than the sun on your skin).








2. Tie-Dyed 200MS – Multi-Color Spiral Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Relive the summer of love with these trippy tie-dye t-shirts. Perfect for festivals and fantastic to wear as your laying under the stars.







3. Anvil 490 – Organic Lightweight T-Shirt

An organic lightweight T-shirt to keep you cool during the sun! Why not don this green apparel with a thin pair of chinos to give you a sophisticated summertime look.







4. Jerzees 421MR – Dri-Power Sport Performance Sport Shirt

If there’s one thing we hate about summer, it is those black patches that appear under your arms. Try out this Dri-Power Sports Shirt to keep your sweat spots at bay. Not only is it fashionable but it’s also practical.







5. Alstyle Apparel 1307 – Adult Tank Top

Show off those arms you’ve been working so hard to sculpt this summer with a light blue tank top. Perfect for strolling down the beach or working out in the park.

So there you have it! Five top summer time style peices at a low cost price.

There’s no need to break the bank to look amazing after all.

(see more of our amazing collection here)

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Halloween is in two weeks!

Halloween is a holiday where everyone likes to get dressed up and play sorcerers and witches. And what if, for that special occasion, you would sit down with your friends or children and create a unique design would bring in a little spice… for the pumpkin? You should bet on a custom design that will stand out from all the other costumes. This will make some more than jealous.

Halloween is in two weeks
Halloween is in two weeks

Dress up to greet children… or grown ups…

In this holiday period you wish to offer your children clothing that will meet this demand and bring a totally different level. From the scary witch perched on her broom to the traditional jack o lantern, passing by all the weirdness permitted by Halloween, make them happy. Also, when you’ll open your door to the monsters and princesses that came to get candies, be sure to wear a t-shirt with a horribly funny design while handing them out their long awaited candies. They will be more than shocked to fall on the vampire or skeleton printed on your hoodie.


To host any other kind of occasion

If Halloween is a great occasion to create a decor along with wearing a custom t-shirt, the occasions vary for you to display your message on a bag, a t-shirt, an apron: a birthday gift for the small one with his or her favorite cartoon, a message to remind one of his or her 40th birthday, a way to cherish the next holidays on the beach, etc. Businesses can also celebrate their 20th anniversary for example, or their participation at the next big convention.

The Wordans online create your own tool is waiting for you to come and create your custom apparel!

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Discover our customizable clothing in 48h

It’s a strong will on our end: to offer you extremely shirt deadlines for your emergencies.

In a maximum of 48h, you can, after having designed your t-shirt, receive it or have it shipped to a desired address. With a lifestyle that’s at 100 km/h, we have to adapt ourselves and accelerate the production and shipments for last minute situations: a forgotten birthday or attending a last minute convention.

Customizable clothing
Customizable clothing

Clothing that suits your image

Using an intuitive online application, you can easily create, helped with a large database of varied images or uploading your own designs, a unique t-shirt, sweatshirt, a bag or an apron for example, Wordans offers much more than that. Wordans offers you dozens of different renowned apparel and accessories brands that can dress up the entire family, adapted to each members’ style. A customization that does not only call for creativity but also to everyone’s tastes. You are far from over from being happy.


Extremely quick turnarounds

At Wordans we go out of our way so that you can benefit from your clothing as soon as possible. In order to achieve that, we have many printing facilities located in many continents as well as many warehouses in different countries (Canada, France, Spain, New Zealand, USA…). In fact, our responsive shipping service takes care of your orders and prepares them for a fast shipment. Our partnerships with serious courier companies in each respective countries gives us the opportunity to propose the 48h shipping service or less, either directly to your house or your business.

Don’t waste any more time, create your own apparel, choose your shipping option and Wordans takes care of the rest.

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Warehouses located all across the globe, quality guaranteed

At Wordans we only have one objective: satisfy your needs wherever you are with our warehouses located across the planet. With such a presence, we can guarantee you a high quality service for your order and shipped directly to your door with express shipping.

Fast shipping
Fast shipping

Trendy items


By going on our create your own part of the website, you can choose from our vast array of renowned brands and know-how in terms of design touch-ups and screen printing.

Trust us by sending us your custom t-shirts order representing your business’s colors in order to dress your sales reps for your next convention. You can also benefit from our expertise to match your organization’s looks by dressing up your team in elegant clothing: dress shirts and pants for men, dresses and dress shirts for women.

For personal use, we propose you treat your friends or family members with an original gift. Between humorous messages and bright designs, animal totem or interesting characters, all possibilities are possible to be printed on bags, aprons, hats, t-shirts, etc.


A global presence

And to make sure that we can deliver those items in the best possible shipping delays using express shipping, we have many warehouses located across the globe. Perfectly located, they give us the possibility to prepare, package and ship your package so that you receive it and enjoy it as soon as possible. That’s a quality promise that we are more than happy to hold toward you.

With us, the long weeks awaiting your products and wondering if the package was lost are over. You will receive it in 48 hours if you are in a hurry and in 10 days if you opt for standard shipping.

Come discover the products and the create your own application for your designs that we propose.

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Brands for every tastes

You are looking for clothing, but you do not wish to stick to one brand only. You do not wish to closet yourself in one single fashion and would like to discover different options complete enough so that the entire family can find its happiness. By looking at a great variety of brands at Wordans you will multiply your chances of happiness.

Brands with Wordans
Brands with Wordans

A style for each family member

Your daughter and son obviously don’t have the same tastes. If one will like a hoodie, bermuda shorts, running shoes or a hat, your daughter will most likely blame you for lack of feminity in her outfit. Even if maybe the shoes might please her at age depending on the tone of colors adapted to her tastes, a skirt or a dress might be more appropriate. Mister and Miss might prefer to express their personality through a sportswear outfit for one or leggings for the other. Any of our brands will find a way to satisfy those tastes.


Brands and customization for all

From Fruit of the Loom to Gildan, from Bella and Canvas to American Apparel or Jerzees, Wordans’ propositions stays in the casual to the sportswear, but can be easily matched to an evening outfit. Each brand brings its own look for a wide variety of choices. Pants or shirt pants, t-shirts or sweatshirts, dress shirts or polo shirts, dresses or skirts, the choices are numerous for everyone’s tastes. You also have the opportunity to add accessories like bags. Finally, everyone will be able to express his or her character with a custom message or design on his or her clothes thanks to our online offer.

Come choose the attire that you like most among our wide variety of brands.

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