Stars love to wear a t-shirt on the weekend

When ¨People¨ wishes to rhyme laid-back with design, they can turn to Wordans. Thanks to the possibility to create novel t-shirts, the celebrities, during the weekend, can relax while wearing a t-shirt with a pair of jeans, or shirt pants and even, why not, under a jacket for a night out.

To have the opportunity to mix quality and design by proposing to wear a celebrity t-shirt with unique style, that is the will of our team.

celebrity t-shit for Rhianna

celebrity t-shit for Rhianna

Combining quality and design

With renowned brands like American Apparel, Kariban, or even Fruit of the Loom, you get the warranty of having quality products. And it’s by wearing a celebrity t-shirt that you can either claim your strong personality, either transmit a special message or simply pronounce your preference for a sport, an animal, a star.. This exclusive design, you can create it directly on our Wordans create your own application or, in order to have it even more personal, draw it yourself before uploading it on our tool.


Wear a uniquely styled t-shirt

And it’s exactly because that celebrity t-shirt will be imagined by you, and printed especially for you, that it will keep its unique character. Indeed, there will be no similar copies to yours, unless that is of your own will. You will also adopt a trendy and inimitable look, to Rhianna’s image which, on the above-mentioned picture, was photographed by PurePeople, and you will be a real success. All will be but in awe and will envy you.


So no more need to hesitate, between an ultra trendy look with a celebrity t-shirt and a commonplace apparel, your selection will certainly be really quick and without hesitation.

So don’t wait any longer to discover, on Wordans, that tool that will help you create your celebrity t-shirt.

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Customize your American Apparel

Fashion idol, you also have the desire to get your message across by wearing clothes with unprecedented designs? The connection between American Apparel and Wordans’ custom offer is the answer to all your desires. Discover renowned benchmarks and an application able to satisfy your creative needs. Professional or individual, you will be satisfied.



Dare the power of quality

It is obvious that if you choose a garment over another, it is not only because it suits you, but also because you wish that its quality satisfies you entirely. American Apparel knows how to bring you this excellence and this fit that you are awaiting.

Established in in 1989 in Canada, more precisely in Montréal, this brand has, through the year, greatly developed itself, proving that it can be trustworthy towards it recent followers.

With the same determination, Wordans is intended to be one of the brand’s privileged distributor, whether it be t-shirts, polo shirts, tank tops or even hoodies.


Stay ¨in¨

Thus, with an extended line varying in sizes (from toddlers to adults) and an amazing array of colors (up to 44 different colors depending on the items), you will have the opportunity to choose garments that will blend with your wardrobe. Since the company frequently renews its collections, their trendy items will bring you, among other things, the assurance of their unquestionable quality. It is up to you, then, to choose the designs or patterns to be printed on your t-shirt or sweater.


With American Apparel you have great opportunities to please yourself or to offer amazing gifts to someone close to you. But also a real opportunity for any companies that wishes to revamp their corporate image by customizing garments with their brand logo or emblem.

In order to discover the endless possibilities that Wordans and American Apparel have to offer, come and visit our site and simulate, directly online, the creation of your custom garment

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The event t-shirt in order to highlight memorable moments

There are those kind of events, occasional or recurring, where an event t-shirt is sometimes much more useful and informative than actual long speeches. Thus, between professionals seeking in it a real communicative tool, associations wishing to spread their message and individuals that want to express their creativity, numerous are the possibilities.


A powerful tool for professionals

With promotional activities hitting full swing in this peak season, it is time, already, to think about what’s coming next. With September just around the corner and the new school year ahead, your staff will most likely need brand new uniforms honoring your organization’s emblem.

Unless you have already planned for your annual seminar aiming at developing your sales personnel. Here again, by creating groups identified in their respective printed t-shirts everyone will be able to recognize their peers in an effective and timely matter. In the same spirit, your reps, while attending a convention, could be wearing an event t-shirt or polo shirt that would become a focal point, a true brand image.


A thoroughly studied message for associations and individuals

But the event t-shirt can also meet associations’ expectations, whether they are sporting, cultural or charitable. From sport tournaments to organized banquets, from activity devoted to a humanitarian cause or the building of a new school, the customized t-shirt will bring a solemn dimension for your event.

Individuals will them find in these items endless gift ideas for their loved ones, whether it be in the event of a birth, a wedding or for a bachelor or bachelorette party.


In the end, the event t-shirt is suitable for any kind of occasion. Thus, entrepreneurs, families and various clubs can create t-shirts that will accompany their reality.


Do not hesitate to come and visit us at wordans for all your event-driven needs and create your own custom t-shirt.

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Puns intended on a t-shirt: yay or nay?

There are tons of puns (intended or not) on t-shirts over the vast Internet. Here are a bunch of our favourites! What’s cool is that you can create your own at Will you be able to top our fabulous creation?




Found on Look Human



Found on Food and Wine




Found on Buzzfeed





Found on Etsy




Found on Wordans


And this is ours! Can you create a better one? Let’s find out at


Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 17.16.46

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Yes, a T-shirt IS fashionable and here’s how

It’s not only the comfiest thing you can wear to get through the day, it’s also a fashion statement… If you choose it right! Here are examples of t-shirts perfectly blended with a fashion attitude. Take notes!

1. With a lace skirt




This clashing looks has some kind of harmony.

Found on HappilyGrey, photo by John Hillin.

2. Neutral tons


A soft palette, a fashion statement.

Found on Lookastic


3. Bright pants


A simple tshirt with some words and bright pants will change your look.

Found of Punky-B.


4. Accessories


Pimp your look with a hat, glasses and a necklace. You might be surprise by how great you look!



First picture found on Style Guy and second one on A Lifetime of Rain.

You will then be able to create your own and make people notice you at

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Wordans custom pillows will change the way you sleep!

Wordans custom pillowcases are now available on Our new custom décor collection will revolutionize your home!

Custom pillows are a cool way to compliment any room!  Our custom pillows are produced via our high capacity dye sublimation printing process, giving your product vibrant, bold color and giving your image design that crispness it deserves!

You can choose to immortalize a moment from your photo collection, or even upload cool art or random images. There’s no limit to the vision you want for your customized house!

Wordans also carries custom duvets and custom pillowcases to compliment the rest of your bedding. Why not try a matching set?


Simply visit and choose your home décor article….or click here for the custom pillow!

Upload your artwork, and you’re set!

Custom pillows are made with 100% Wrinkle Free Polyester Microfiber, so spot cleaning only!


Jazz up your home with Wordans Custom T-shirts!

custom t-shirt

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Immortalize a moment on a custom t-shirt…or better yet custom wall canvas!

In case you didn’t already know, Wordans custom t-shirts currently offers wall canvases with or without backing, available for custom printing!

So ditch your old-school photo frames and upgrade your home decor by getting your family photos on one of our custom wall canvas!

Wordans Custom Wall Canvases come in two different formats:
With Backing

  • Canvas with liquid laminate applied to HDF form
  • Built in hooks.
  • Depth: 2 inches

Without backing:

  • Canvas with liquid laminate wrapped around wooden stretcher frame
  • Open back is simple to hang
  • Depth: 1.5 inches
  • Comes with hooks and bolts for wall mounting

Our sizes range from 8” x10 “ all the way to 24 “x 36”! You know what they say…the bigger, the better right?

Ps. you don’t have to limit yourself to family photos. Visit or simply click here to upload any artwork or photo of your choice!
Our custom home décor and wall canvas is especially awesome for all you digital artists who would love to see their work hanging on their wall. But hey, why stop there? Want to see your work hanging on other people’s walls? Why don’t you open a boutique with Wordans ?

Sell your artwork on wall canvas or any home décor…even phone cases, custom t-shirts and other custom apparel! It’s free!  Just click here for more info.

Show the world what you’re made of with Wordans Custom T-shirts!

custom t-shirt

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Get your custom t-shirt custom iphone case or custom pillowcase today. Made easy.

Wordans custom t-shirts doesn’t like to make anyone’s life harder.

We support simplicity and a laid back vibe when it comes to an online shopping experience.

We are all about getting straight to the point. That’s why we recently modified our “Create Your Own” menu!

This new simplified menu separates in three sections, so that our customers can get what they want, when they want it, without having to look too far.

First section: Apparel. This is our classic section, where you go to make your custom t-shirt. Apparel’s subdivisions also include custom hoodies, custom aprons, custom underwear, custom headwear and much more!

Second Section: Mobile Cases.  This is where you look to jazz up your mobile phone. We carry custom phone cases for almost every smartphone model including custom Iphone 6 cases.

Third Section: Home Décor. Here we cater to your entire home redecorating needs. From custom dog beds to custom shower curtains, custom pillows and pillowcases…we’re sure you’ll find something to add to your shopping list!

Just Relax, Sit Back and Get your Christmas shopping done from the comfort of your own home with Wordans custom t-shirts.

custom t-shirt

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A custom t-shirt from Wordans makes for a great Christmas gift!

Christmas shopping can often be a hassle.
You have to deal with overcrowded malls and line-ups, stock shortage, and worst of all: Not finding that perfect gift after all that hard work!

With Wordans Custom T-shirts, we offer you an online shopping alternative.
Do it all yourself from the comfort of your own home!

With a simple click, choose from our wide variety of custom t-shirts as well as custom apparel. Also, in case you’re not up to par with Wordans news…we now offer amazing home décor articles, here & ready to customize!

Online shopping is not only convenient for your own Christmas at home, but for long distance friends and family who can’t make it as well!

Why not send that aunt in Vancouver a custom dog bed for her little Chihuahua? Or a custom t-shirt to your little nephew in Calgary with his favorite cartoon character! Our fast delivery makes sure no one is left out!

Choose your design carefully, mull it over and whenever you’re ready to make those awesome custom shower curtains, or that nostalgic custom wall canvas with a photo of you on your wedding…simply click here!

Wordans custom printing makes Christmas easy.

Custom T-shirt

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Wordans Custom T-shirts Features The New Balance collection

New Balance Apparel is ready to customize!

Today, Wordans wants to feature one of our favorite brands of custom apparel: New Balance!

While most of you might know them from their footwear collection, New Balance also has an amazing line of casual sportswear!

These comfortable yet fashionable items are a sportsman (or sportswoman’s) dream.

Rock the gym by sporting a New Balance custom t-shirt that says “Why is everyone creatine so much drama!” or “Do you squat here often?”
Who doesn’t enjoy a good pun when they’re working out?
I know I’d love to see a guy jogging with a custom t-shirt that says, “Do you have a band-aid? Because I’m cut.”

Alright, terrible puns and pick up lines aside, you may also choose any custom image of your choice just in case that wit of yours eventually runs out! Just CLICK HERE to start creating your custom t-shirt!

Most importantly, New Balance custom t-shirts are fun for the whole family! Ask your little soccer princes and princesses what they think of the NB7118B Ndurance Youth Athletic shirt? We can guarantee that’s going to be on the Christmas gift list!

Now time to gear up like the eye of the tiger with Wordans Custom T-shirts and New Balance!

custom t-shirt new balance

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