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You have the choice of browsing some of the coolest sports, vintage, logo tshirts, funny t shirts and sexy shirts other users have designed. We ship worldwide and offer exclusive deals for those ordering from Canada, we also ship to USA, UK and Australia. Unlike other custom clothing and printing companies, we offer cheap custom t-shirts using the best fitting body wear from American Apparel and more.

Save for the new school year!

Back to school definitely means tighter financial moments. With the holidays just finished, it’s time to think back about our budget and worry about back to school spending for the whole family. Also, when savings are possible, it would be a shame to miss them. Profit good deals by purchasing your school clothing in bulk!

New school year!
New school year!

Blank apparel for every tastes.

White or neon, flashy or pastel, your blank apparel can be configured any way you want, from red to yellow, from green to blue. And the entire family can wear those blank apparel customized or printed with a message. Men, women, teenagers, or younger children will find wholesale t-shirts, wholesale sweatshirts, but also short pants, gloves, and any kind of sportswear for superior comfort and quality.

With brands like Fruit of the Loom, Gildan, New Balance, Bella and Canvas or Nike, just to name a few, fashion is made available to you for grouped purchases.


Blank apparel to customize for the new school year.

With such a range of brands references, you are free to choose any outfit, either for you or for your children, for a laid back weekend at home or a night out with friends in a trendy bar.

But among the purchasing possibilities you have for wholesale t-shirts you will also find sport items, whether it be for a club or for school.

The new school year being just started, teenagers and younger kids alike will be delighted to adopt a trendy look and make their friends jealous in class with customized sweatshirts and polo shirts.


So come in and buy your blank apparel in bulk! There is a huge selection of products waiting for you on our website. In just a few clicks you can fill your cart and adopt a perfect look.

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The cheapest custom t-shirt on the market

Who has never been disappointed to choose the website on which you made your purchases too fast? Who has never found out, afterwards, the same product elsewhere but much cheaper? Keeping this in mind, the Wordans website proposes you to order your cheap custom t-shirt, and if you find a better price elsewhere, we will refund the difference.


The cheapest custom t-shirt on the market
The cheapest custom t-shirt on the market

Wordans is confindent in its low prices

You trust Wordans because you have studied their offers. You realized that our rates were extremely well positioned. On top of this, if you compare what’s comparable, Wordans wishes to propose you only durable products, that you will wear for a long time and that will bear your message or your colors. With us, you can benefit from both quality and low prices. Beyond our standard low prices, we also offer you countless promotions and cash back for more satisfaction.


Stay unique at low cost

Indeed, our entire team believes that you deserve what’s best, whether it be in terms of trendy clothing or accessories, printed designs or totally unique style. That is why even originality becomes affordable thanks to Wordans. Come create your cheap custom t shirts with the help of our create your own interface dedicated to help you design a unique wardrobe. An

entire range of baseball caps, phone cases, aprons, polo shirts, hoodies, tracksuits, dress shirts and more is waiting, begging for your graphic designs and custom messages.

With a wealth of experience, we can proudly announce that if you find cheap prices elsewhere, we will refund the difference.

Don’t hesitate to surf our pages, to discover our deals, our propositions, our rates, they are all specifically studied to match your expectations.


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The polo short that bears your message

With Wordans, discover a trendy and chic advantage of the custom polo shirt. This clothing able to blend with multiple styles can claim your message or showcase your state of mind. Associate styles with color swatches to your design and your text and proudly wear those colors on multiple occasions.

The polo short that bears your message
The polo short that bears your message

Polo shirts for all to wear for sport or casual

You were looking for a custom polo shirt to bear your message? Stop looking now, Wordans has the answers to your desires by proposing polo shirts in a vast array of sizes and colors. They will accommodate everyone in order to trace the mood of the day or the feel of an event.

From a classic fit, with a collar and short sleeves, you can dress with a suit, sport fit with track pants, or laid back fit with short pants or bermudas and flip flops right on the beach.

Its 100% cotton quality ensures a long lasting quality that will be but appreciated.


A custom clothing for every occasion

And the occasions to wear a custom polo shirt are numerous and varied:

  • You are a businessman? Discover the power of a message printed on a simple polo shirt that all your staff can proudly wear for your next inaugural event.

  • People in charge or associations will find in these fashionable items to way to get known and spotted during demonstrations or in the stands.

  • For individuals, customizable clothing is a real gold mine in terms of gift ideas, whether it be to prove your affection to your other half, to announce the advent of a new family member or just to prepare for a night out.

You would like to see how your design, slogan or logo looks on a custom polo shirt? Just take a stroll on our create your own tool especially dedicated to your creativity and you will be able to see it directly online.

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Think about the environment with Wordans

Tired of seeing shopping bags lying around everywhere at home or in the open nature? Wordans is also! You are looking for original gift ideas that will not go unnoticed? Wordans has many to offer! Useful and protective, the custom eco-bag is one of those solutions that will satisfy your needs. Discover this durable fashion accessory and fall in love with it.

Think about the environment
Think about the environment

A durable and protective fashion bag

Vote for the end of plastic bags! Apart from their questionable fashion taste, they are a complete nuisance for our environment. Wordans, in its will to protect nature, suggests to go for custom eco-bags. This amazing bag, once customized with your latest drawing, the picture of your favorite pet or again a humorous message, can be yours to make your friends jealous.

Businesses can see in it an efficient marketing tool that can be offered to customers and suppliers after being printed with a logo or a slogan.


A useful and resistant bag

The custom eco-bag, when considered in this way, printed with a design, will then prove to be essential to its satisfied owner. It will also accompany families while doing shopping as well as swimmers at the pool or children going to visit their grandparents. Reusable endlessly and equipped with a shoulder strap, this bag proves to be trendy and comfortable. Just a few clicks away will suffice to give it its unique look thanks to Wordans’ create your own interface. Between a vast library of designs to choose from and the possibility to upload your own designs your creativity knows no limits.

Waste no more time and come discover the custom eco-bag online directly by clicking here.

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Be Sporty

Feel like hitting the track? To walk the stadium tracks? To go to the gym? Wordans already thought, for you, about a set of sportswear that will make your activities much more enjoyable. A set of apparel dedicated to exercise for greater delight. Whether it be for yourself or to offer as a gift, don’t hesitate to come and get what suits you best.

Be Sporty !
Be Sporty !

Outfits for any kinds of styles

From short pants to jerseys, from t-shirts to sweatshirts, from tracksuits to waterproof vests, you can discover all sorts of models for any kind of sports. Whether you prefer soccer, basketball, cycling, rugby, horse-riding, track and field, bodybuilding or anything else, you will be convinced by our large array of selections. Short sleeves, long sleeves, sleeveless, there are styles for all seasons and any type of person, men, women and children, in any sizes. But you will also find a set of complementary original accessories like mouthpieces, helmets or gloves. And, to perfect your equipment, soccer balls and sport bags won’t leave you indifferent.


Choice of brands and colors

Whether you prefer the New Balance brand, that you are a fan of Adidas, Nike, Sport-T or that you rejoice Gildan, you will be fully satisfied and discover a set of brands that your friends will envy. Besides, ┬áif you wish to customize the chosen equipment, pants, bag or custom t-shirt, you will be able, using the Wordans create your own tool, to bring your own personal touch or your team’s, or include one of our proposed designs.

A nice skirt for a tight tennis match, a fitted jersey or a colorful polo shirt with a pair of short pants and you will be set for your sporty look. Whether you prefer red or yellow, bleu or green, you will be dressed from head to toes, socks and underwear included. You can even wear some of these outfits in everyday life, not only during your weekly sport sessions.

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Thanks to you Wordans will get a new name !

Wordans, your custom t-shirt supplier, will change its name. In order to be closer to our customers, we have decided to give you the chance to customize our brand in order to better reflect our profession. To do this, we are launching a contest, open to all, with an amazing reward! Read the following instructions and become our marketing partner of the moment !

A new name for Wordans
A new name for Wordans


Maybe you are the creator

Who doesn’t like to fancy finding new names for objects or friends? What if you would help us find our own new brand name? Individually or along with your company peers, you can participate in this big contest and be the one to find that new name, that acronym, that title which, according to you, will best identify us. It is up to you to find what will please more, will be easily understandable, memorizable, and that will help get our company known. Participation is free and can make you earn big!


How to proceed ?

Submitting your ideas is really easy. After brainstorming, either with your friends or coworkers, one or more proposals will be retained. You will have to make sure the name has not been taken already though. A quick check up or test on the web is thus necessary. Write down your new ideas in Google followed by .com in order to make sure that the name has not been taken already. Once you are certain that the domain name does not exist, please feel free to submit your suggestions to


Play and Win

It’s free to participate, open to all and gives you the chance to win the tempting amount of 1000 Canadian dollars in store credits that will be awarded to the best proposal judged by the Wordans team.

The winner will receive his or her gift once Wordans will be able to reserve the .com domain with the selected name.

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Back to School with Wordans

Back to school is just around the corner, and it’s time to make the final purchases for the event. Besides the usual stationary and other accessories, did you ever consider offering your child a custom t-shirt ? Discover here the available brands on the website and the many different options in order to design your own unique t-shirt.


Back to school: Wordans is ready
Back to school: Wordans is ready

Renowned brand names

Like any child at school age, you kid wishes to be able to wear trendy t-shirts when school starts. And what’s more trendy than renowned brand names? In order to help you satisfy him or her, we work with brands like Fruit of the Loom, Gildan, and even American Apparel. They all have the same thing in common: quality. Because, obviously, without excellent textile quality, the printing could be altered. Thus, with these strong partnerships, we are able to offer you truly fashionable accessories whether it be a simple t-shirt or a hoodie in total match with it’s owner’s desires.


An entirely custom design

This way, for their start of the school year, young girls will be able to think about which celebrity or which of their favorite animal they would want to print on an ultra trendy t-shirt, while the boys will be eager to wear the colors of their favorite sport team or their new favorite joke on a tank top. And, if the more creative ones can reveal strong points in design proposition, the less creative ones will be able to pick from our thousands of different designs on our database available on our create your own application. Hundreds of combinations are offered. The chosen models will then be digitally or screen printed by Wordans.


Finally, between choosing a brand that will seduce your child and a design that will impress him or her, you don’t need to have a dilemma because you can have both !


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High definition colors with Wordans!

Tired of printed garments that fades too quickly? Sick of graphics that escapes the shirt after just one wash? Why don’t you go for quality and bright colors at once? Discover, in just a few lines, why and how Wordans can bring you total satisfaction by delivering products that will fulfill all your expectations.

High definition colors.
High definition colors.

Go for quality

You are thriving for a specific design, you have your files ready to go, the only thing left is transferring your art or logo on your hat, t-shirt or a pair of boxer shorts. And since you require the best print quality possible in color you need to find the best provider possible that will be able to deliver the desired quality.

In Wordans, you will find the silk screen specialist able to propose the best ink calibration in order to offer you an optimal color definition for your work. The fun is yours afterwards to create your artwork. Unless you had planned to offer a special gift to a friend or any other special person for a particular occasion, for which success would be guaranteed.


Color your wardrobe

After you create, on our create your own application, the model of your choice, whether it is entirely made by you or you used one of our designs from our database (animals, celebrities, humour, love, etc.), you will benefit from a long-lasting print. The bright colors will then blend perfectly with your wardrobe for optimal satisfaction.

You will now have that trendy look that sticks to your skin, you will have that unique style that you could not find through traditional distributors.


Do not hesitate one second to come and try the effect of your designs on different apparel, compose your message and witness the final results.

For more information regarding image file specifications in order to obtain optimal resolution, please consult our FAQ by clocking here

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Wordans open all summer long to stay with you

If t-shirt can be linked to event planning, there is no better time to show off your colors than summer. That is why, in order to better accompany you during this pleasant season, Wordans stays open all summer long to help you fulfill your needs. We are then present each and every single month so we can stay by your side in order to assist you for your personal or professional needs.


Wordans open all summer long to stay with you !
Wordans open all summer long to stay with you !


To fulfill your seasonal needs

If you are invited at a birthday party in July or August and you are looking for the perfect gift, no need to panic, we are open all summer long in order to propose you a unique t-shirt that will cause a sensation during the event.

Individuals, but also professionals can benefit of the sunny season to wear their colors. Promotion for local or regional tourism, for example, will experience its peak season in July and August, with its flood of tourists, and the market for custom t-shirts depicting the colors and emblems of a local attraction or festival will explode.


Stay in touch with customers all year long

That is the reason why Wordans decided to stay open all through the summer to accompany you in all of your demands, your fulfillment needs, whether it be for resale, for personal use or for creativity purposes.

Summer might not be synonymous with holidays for everyone. It was a deliberate choice to stay open and available to those who continue to be active at the office or at home and to reply in July to those who leave in August and in August to those who left in July.


Your custom t-shirts needs know no season, that is why Wordans is opened all summer long. That way we can be available at any moment at its fiendly customers’ sides and to be able to ship them orders for any occasion as fast as possible.


You wish to know more about Wordans? Don’t hesitate to visit our website or to ask us the questions you didn’t find answers for.


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