Tips for Creating Your Own Succesful Sportswear Line

While sportswear has always been one of the most popular niches in the apparel industry, it continues to grow year-on-year thanks to the ever-increasing number of people taking up sports and exercise nowadays. The popularity of this kind of clothing represents a great business opportunity for those already in the apparel business, as well as […]

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Selection of articles for Winter Olympics fans

The Winter Olympics are taking place in Beijing until 20 February! This international event is particularly favorable for the sale of customisable textile clothing. Follow our advice.   The Olympic Games generate a unique national enthusiasm and fervor. The competition has always excited the general public by presenting the world with a sample of the […]

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Wordans helps you keep your New Year’s resolutions!

As of January 1st, new resolutions push consumers to improve their habits. Wordans suggests some articles to take advantage of this opportunity to attract new customers. As the new year begins, many people decide to make new resolutions to change their lifestyle and daily habits. These new goals are usually aimed at improving physical and […]

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The Best Activewear For Your Business

On a scale of one to ten, clothing is one of the most basic human needs; show me a man in need of food and shelter, and I’ll show you a thousand more in need of clothing. So one of the tips on how to stay in business as a business person is to research […]

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Prepare your business for Back to School

The holiday is over, but life goes on; the vacation is over, the fun continues; the summer is nearly over, and sales continue. Have you considered how you can continue to sell? A businessperson’s approach should be to constantly be in business, regardless of the time or season. Having a target audience all year is […]

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Customizable sports equipment : Champion

In any business, having a corporate image it’s something important. Knowing the importance this has nowadays, we strive to offer the best products to cover all your company’s needs. Sweaters, jackets, t-shirts, and many other items are available for customization on Wordans Canada. Today we introduce a brand that doesn’t really need an introduction, since […]

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