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Wordans is the first custom shirt design company in Canada to print high quality apparel for individual use and wholesale. When we say quality, we mean the best quality! We offer custom apparel made from 100% organic cotton. Wordans offers environmentally friendly and organic t-shirts to print your designs on. If you are not sure what type of shirt you are looking for, be sure to check out our list of the most popular t-shirts.

Happy New Year from the Wordans Team!

We are pleased to welcome 2014 with new improvements and new beginnings to better serve our customers,

– Introducing our new online tracking system to track your order instantly

– Introducing our new rapid response system for timely responses to your online inquiries

– Introducing our new 24/7 phone line for immediate assistance no matter where you are


Welcome the New Year with a 20% coupon code 2014W


Custom T-shirt - Wordans - New Year 2014

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Gentlemen : Golden Globes Inspiration

It’s a known fact. What’s better than a Man in a Tuxedo? … A group of Men in Tuxedos! This year, the Golden Globes Award was filled with beautiful and talented men in a suit and bow tie! Okay gentlemen, I can already hear you say “It’s hard to pull off a Tux when you’re not a movie star” … But that’s simply not true! Wearing a t-shirt and a suit gives a more casual appeal and is easy to wear at work or just to go our for a drink!

Here are some Inspirations from the Golden Globes’ Red Carpet to the Everyday Wear :

Golden Globes Tux :

menintuxT-Shirt Suit :


tshirtsuit tshirtsuit2tshirtsuit5


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For all those who we’re wondering,

Here’s our TOP 5 designs that we’re sold this year, all designed by Cooltees! As you probably already know, Wordans prints custom t-shirts and apparel with the design of your choice… And it’s all online! Whether you want to print a personal t-shirt for yourself or got a gift or you want to print some really cool t-shirts for you soccer team or karaoke crew, we got you covered!

So here’s our TOP 5 designs, #1 being THE most popular this year!

#5. “My life is based on a true story”

My life

#4. “Yellow Skull”Skull

#3. “Game Over”

Game over#2. “Tuxedo”Tuxedo

#1. “Vinyl”Vinyl

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Wordans APP on Google Play

Hi everyone!

So for those of you who own an Android phone or tablet, we’ve got good news for you! Wordans just launched a new app on Google Play, available on every Android device version 2.2 or newer. The Wordans Application for Google Play offers a faster and more efficient way to create and customize your t-shirts! In addition to giving you the possibility to use your own phone’s camera or your photo library, the app also allows you to conclude your purchases easily and safely!

Here are some simple steps to get Wordans Google Play on your Android Device:

1. On your device, go on or on your applications browser

2. In the search bar, enter “Wordans” or “Custom T-Shirts”

3. Click on  “Wordans Customized T-Shirts Inc” and install!

4. There you go! You’re all set to create some new masterpieces!

Wordans Google Play

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Create a custom product with your favorite humanoid robot…

Some are good, some are evil, all of them display fascinating humanoid characteristics! Robots amused generations of children through movies, comics and toys. Reminisce about your carefree childhood by designing a custom t-shirts with a robot design? There are dozens of designs available in our Wordans design library.

Choose a Wordans design you like or upload your own favorite robot, cyborg and android image. We’ll print it on shirts, posters, wall decals, stickers or skins. Whatever you like!R2D2, Tik-Tok, Bender and Co. are waiting to be printed!

Binary greetings,


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Wordans is back with a 15% discount for you!

Hi old and new t-shirt lovers from all around the world!

Guess what, Wordans is back on this blog – more fresh and motivated than ever. To celebrate our come-back and the fact, that it’s Friday and the weekend is near, we offer you a special discount code worth 15%, applicable to all Wordans’ products.




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Mode & Design & Wordans

Hello Wordansers,

From August 3rd to 6, all eyes will be on Montreal.

The reason, it is within this beautiful city that will be held the 10th edition of the “almost” Mode & Design week!

For the occasion, McGill College Avenue was draped in her finery.

The Festival Mode & Design is one of the fashion events that have been able to invest the urban environment.

The creators are inspired by it, Mastering its codes while adding  their own style to it.

That edition will be without a doubt simply amazing!
A  reason for that, Jean-Paul Gaultier, one of the pioneers in this field will present his models “BOURGEOISE SANS ÂGE”.

Event not to be missed.

For more information, visit:

Meanwhile at Wordans, we decided to make you enjoy the Mode & Design week in our own way.

So, to all our fashion addicts! Wordans invites you to a drink on its premises Friday, August 5th from 5:00 PM.

Program: All T-shirts will be presented for sale at $ 9.90. Moreover, for any order placed during the event, you will receive a discount of 15%. Join us, we will be happy to meet you.

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Why buy organic t-shirts?

Cotton is one of the largest grown crops and it represents approximately 40% of the world’s textile production. Since cotton fields are heavy on chemicals and toxins, these fields are extremely hazardous to our environment and health. Organic cotton is usually more expensive, but for good reason. Here are some of the reasons why:

1. The soil used for growing organic cotton has to be clean from chemicals for at least 3 years before planting can even begin.

2. If is very difficult to grow quality cotton without the use of insecticides, pesticides and other agricultural chemicals.

Nevertheless, the extra buck or two spent on an organic t-shirt will go a long way in preserving both our land and wildlife.

Two of my favorite brands that carry organic t-shirts are:

American Apparel
Love them or hate them, all of their garments are sweatshop free and their organic line of t-shirts are gorgeous.

Rêv-evolution by OÖM Ethikwear
OÖM is a Montreal based company that promotes products made from organic or organic free trade cotton. All OÖM garments are made by socially dedicated organizations in Quebec. And if that’s not enough, 2% of OÖM’s sales are donated to charities.

Men's 100% organic t-shirt
'Think Green' Organic T-Shirt : OOM

American Apparel 100% Organic Cotton T-Shirt
'It's Easy Being Green' Organic T-Shirt : American Apparel

Checkout our library to see cool user submitted designs that you can print on organic t-shirts to promote your cause:

Animal & Wildlife T-shirts
Environment T-shirts
Awareness T-shirts
News & Politics T-shirts

Customize your organic t-shirt here >

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Getting your first customized t-shirt

So I have to admit. I think that it’s the first time I am ordering my very own customized t-shirt and it’s the first time I am ordering it from

Like everyone, I’ve gotten those group t-shirts pre-made for you, and you wear them to be part of the gang or just because you work there. actually makes lots cool and trendy t-shirts for local restaurants & businesses around Montreal. (I’ll tell you more about that in my next post).

But back to MY story, I finally decided to make my own awesome t-shirt. The question was what? I mean after sifting through all the great designs on the site, it’s hard to make a rational decision, I almost wanted to re-populate my whole wardrobe with colors and designs from all walks of life and political opinions.

But guess what! I decided to make a t-shirt to re-affirm my sense of belonging to a super kick-ass dance tribe that I do video work for. They are called “Dance Animal” and have been performing at the Fringe and Zoofest in the past weeks. They spread love and joy for dancing and in their “impossible not to like” show (Pat Donnelly, Montreal Gazette).

Every animal in the “Dance Animal” comedy supergroup has a chosen name like “Dance Gecko”, “Dance Hippo”, “Dance Banana” that fits their real life personality. When I started working as a videographer for them, they asked me to choose a name for myself. Possibly something that had a link to what I did with my camera.

Given videography makes you think of the perceptive and calm nature of animals like owls, “Dance Owl” was the first name “Dance Pony” wanted to give me but I told him that I didn’t feel that graceful or wise enough or whatever.

So then, we thought of other animals that had big eyes and the next in line was a frog. I liked the idea but then “Dance Pony” said that it would be even funnier if I was a toad since they are slimier and bigger. I’m NOT like that in real life or anything but just ’cause it’s funnier.

So “Dance Toad” I was baptized.

This whole shaggy dog story is just to say that I looked up a reptile design on the Wordans site and found an amazingly colorful design of a poison dart frog. So I slapped that on the front and then I used the font Dance Animal uses in their promo stuff and wrote Dance Toad in pink on the back.

Here’s what it’s going to look like. I can’t wait to get it!!

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