Gentlemen : Golden Globes Inspiration

It’s a known fact. What’s better than a Man in a Tuxedo? … A group of Men in Tuxedos! This year, the Golden Globes Award was filled with beautiful and talented men in a suit and bow tie! Okay gentlemen, I can already hear you say “It’s hard to pull off a Tux when you’re […]

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LADIES : Golden Globes Inspiration

If you happened to watch the 2013 Edition of the prestigious Golden Globes Awards, you surely noticed the flamboyant dresses that folded the red carpet! Indeed, this year is all about the COLORS! Colourful prints, patterns, stripes, sequins, sheer, and pretty much everything that rhymes with “fabulous” is on every Spring/Summer 2013 Fashion Collections this […]

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I love my boyfriend…'s t-shirt!

When I talk about fashion, I can’t help thinking about that sentence: “The only thing that goes out of fashion is fashion, and that’s fashion that catch on” (translation from the French: “Il n’y a qu’une chose qui se démode:  la mode, et c’est la mode qui emporte le succès” I think I was nine […]

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