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Our fitted personalized tees collection ties comfort, individuality and style all in one. Our mission is to help individuals express themselves by customizing their own t shirt designs and to redefine fashion into one’s taste and creativity.

LADIES : Golden Globes Inspiration

If you happened to watch the 2013 Edition of the prestigious Golden Globes Awards, you surely noticed the flamboyant dresses that folded the red carpet! Indeed, this year is all about the COLORS! Colourful prints, patterns, stripes, sequins, sheer, and pretty much everything that rhymes with “fabulous” is on every Spring/Summer 2013 Fashion Collections this year!

We know a t-shirt is not a Dolce & Gabbana Gown, but it doesn’t mean you can’t feel fabulous with a t-shirt on! It’s all about accessorizing it with the right jewelry and pair of pumps! This said, Wordans offers A BUNCH of colourful tees that you can wear on the everyday basis, but also on special occasions with a high waisted skirt, collar necklace, and high heels boots, for example!

Here is some Inspiration from the Golden Globes’ Red Carpet to your Everyday Wardrobe!

Golden Globes Pastel and Rich Colors :

Golden Globes70th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

T-Shirt Pastel & Rich Colors :

Golden Globes Collar Necklace :

70th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals goldenglobes3

T-Shirt Collar Necklace : tshirt2





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I love my Boyfriend…’s t-shirt!

Dressing “comme des garçons” has become quite a huge fashion trend lately for the ladies. With the comeback of the boyfriend jeans in the past years, it is clear that putting on your brother’s or your boyfriend’s clothes is a safe bet! From button up shirts, to oversized blazers, to t-shirts, these items bring an “effortless” look to a girl’s wardrobe and has become essential pieces for the everyday wear.

For this valentine’s day, show some love to your boyfriend while creating him a custom t-shirt… Not only will he be thrilled but you’ll also get to wear it and “accidentally” steal it from him! Oops!

Order your t-shirt NOW and get 15% OFF with the promo code : LOVEW


0449skinnyrolledup cosmicwondertshirt oversized-shirt-agyness-deyn



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New Year 20% OFF Promotion

It’s the New Year! The one we thought we’d never see the light of day!

It’s also that time of year where we hibernate… just like our wallets! For that reason, we thought we’d give 20% OFF every custom items! T-Shirts, iPad, iPhone, and Laptop Skins, we got you covered!

Order your custom item HERE and don’t forget to enter the promo code : 2013W ! Promotion ends Sunday January 6th, 2013.


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For all those who we’re wondering,

Here’s our TOP 5 designs that we’re sold this year, all designed by Cooltees! As you probably already know, Wordans prints custom t-shirts and apparel with the design of your choice… And it’s all online! Whether you want to print a personal t-shirt for yourself or got a gift or you want to print some really cool t-shirts for you soccer team or karaoke crew, we got you covered!

So here’s our TOP 5 designs, #1 being THE most popular this year!

#5. “My life is based on a true story”

My life

#4. “Yellow Skull”Skull

#3. “Game Over”

Game over#2. “Tuxedo”Tuxedo

#1. “Vinyl”Vinyl

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We survived the end of the world!

We know it’s still early to say but… As of midnight tonight, we’ll have successfully survived the so called “End of the World”. As announced by the Mayans, December 21st 2012 was said to be the finishing of an Era and was the last date on their calendar. In fact, many different conspiracies we’re alleged around that : natural disasters like solar geometric storms and a gravity change that would force the planet to be sucked into the universe, and also more spiritual allegations like a new awakening in human minds that would bring enlightenment to our goal on earth, and so on…

But in the end, maybe the Mayans just didn’t have any space left on their calendar or went extinct before finishing their work. Or maybe the end of the world isn’t just as near as we think!

In any case, we think it’s safe to say We Survived the End of the World! That’s why we’ve designed these rad t-shirts for you to rock in 2013! So go on, and be proud to say that you are a survivor! Get your End of The World tees here

Happy Holidays!

End of the world endoftheworld2 endoftheworld3 endoftheworld4 endoftheworld5 endoftheworld6



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Wordans APP on Google Play

Hi everyone!

So for those of you who own an Android phone or tablet, we’ve got good news for you! Wordans just launched a new app on Google Play, available on every Android device version 2.2 or newer. The Wordans Application for Google Play offers a faster and more efficient way to create and customize your t-shirts! In addition to giving you the possibility to use your own phone’s camera or your photo library, the app also allows you to conclude your purchases easily and safely!

Here are some simple steps to get Wordans Google Play on your Android Device:

1. On your device, go on or on your applications browser

2. In the search bar, enter “Wordans” or “Custom T-Shirts”

3. Click on  “Wordans Customized T-Shirts Inc” and install!

4. There you go! You’re all set to create some new masterpieces!

Wordans Google Play

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Wordans was a Partner on this year Montreal Fashion Week!

Hi there!

This year was one of the main sponsors for the 23rd Annual Montreal fashion week which took place from September 4-7 in Montreal, Canada.

All of the volunteers were wearing Wordans apparel. It was such an amazing experience! Check out our pics from the weekend… 


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Back to School is profitable with wordans!

We know that going back to school students and parents have more expenses…so to help all of you in this situation, Wordans made a very good promotion to save you money!
Get 3 T-shirts for the price of 2! Remembering that wordans t-shirts can be customized online with your own design wherever you prefer to print on your shirtt.
Looking for a quick and unique gift for a friend or loved one? A customized Wordans Tee shirt is the perfect solution for your gift giving needs!
So don’t waste time. Go there and check it out!
Anyone can benefit from this promotion, don’t lose out. Make your own tee right now! =)
Promotion code: COOLW
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Very Cool Promotion in our Facebook Page!

Last week, Wordans created an one day Promotion on Facebook given to the participants a 20$ Coupon Code for their next Purchase!

It was a success! Due to this, and a numerous requests, We Extended this Promotion until July 31.

We could not let our Blog followers out of it, so follow here the link to participate in this promotion:

You Just need to post and tag us in your Favorite Wordans Shirt!


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