Pros and Cons of Different Customization Methods

Apparel customization has never been more popular. Thanks to modern features of the internet, like the Wordans customization tool, you can see how your apparel designs willlook before purchasing, which has led to more and more people trying their hand at creating their own personalized clothing. Many people enjoy the thought of having unique t-shirts, […]

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Which fabric to choose for T-shirts: cotton, polyester, or blends?

Decided to launch your line of customized and/or personalized T-shirts? The first step is to choose the ideal composition for your designs, depending on your target clientele and the use of the garments. What are the advantages and disadvantages of cotton garments, polyester garments or fabric blends? Wordans guides you:    The cotton T-shirt: quality […]

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Which method to choose for clothing customization?

Wordans will shed light on the different methods of textile personalization, available to launch your custom clothing e-commerce business. Ready to open your online clothing business? To start your custom clothing website, Wordans advises you to select one or two of the textile customization techniques presented in this article. Do you know what is the […]

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Our printing favorite items depending on your company

In the 1950s and 1960s a new form of expression related to fashion appeared: the printing on clothing and accessories. People started trying new ways of expressing themselves, their feelings, through powerful images and messages. In the 70s, it became a great way to advertise all the world’s problems, everything people wanted to stand up […]

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Textile customization techniques

Embroidering, flocking, screen printing… do you wish to have your articles customized, but don’t know what’s the difference between all these techniques? Would you like to know which customization method best suits your products? Because at Wordans we consider that the choice of the customization technique is just as important as the choice of the […]

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