FATHER’S DAY on June 17, 2012

Hi to daughters and sons from all over the world!

Next Sunday something special, something extraordinary is going to happen and you should definitely not forget about it: it’s Father’s Day and we are celebrating fatherhood and parenting. On a typical Father’s Day you should spend time with your father or the father figures in your life. Besides family celebrations with a BBQ or a hike in the great outdoors, you might want to give a small custom gift to your dad!

For the occasion of Father’s Day Wordans offers you a wide selection of pre-designed t-shirts from our Marketplace with a great variety of designs you can choose from to honor you dad with a hand-printed garment of your choice. Have a look at our design suggestions for custom t-shirts dedicated to your father!

Use our special coupon code DADDYW to get 15% discount on all your orders for Father’s Day!


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With warmest regards: Wordans’ affiliated Online Shops

Hi custom t-shirt lovers!

Last week we started our “Friday’s Shop Recommendations” feature. This week present another three very special t-shirt designers that each have an affiliated Online Shop with Wordans.


Hello Gizmo Boutique is a small but mighty online shop featuring custom clothes with a little, cute flea design that constantly spreads a good mood and makes you smile. The eye-catching Gizmo design suits children’s shirts very well, grown-ups might be more attracted by the Gizmo Soda Design.


KinKong keeps it’s promise and offers a great variety of stylish designs all inspired by our hairy ancestors: apes. If you’re fond of grim gorillas, maniac monkeys and fruity bananas, then you’ll definitely find the right custom shirt for you!

Kadran is a Quebec-based shop selling designs inspired by Canadian culture: from hockey-playing penguins on a maple leaf background to comic-like “watch out for crossing caribous”-signs you can find cute animal designs for your custom shirts.






Discover our affiliated online shops and buy exclusive, hand-printed garments made by Wordans!


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Wordans’ Screen Printing – handmade, high-quality, up to 70% off!

Screen Printing is a more than 1000-year-old printing technique that uses a woven mesh, an ink-blocking stencil and a squeegee to transfer ink onto a printing surface, e.g. wood, metal, plastic… or a custom t-shirtWordans Canada specializes in screen printing and assures you to always get the best t-shirt quality!

With screen printing you can affix logos or images on textiles. Screen printing provides an intense color, good opacity and good resistance. For designs with more than one color, each color will be affixed one by one, after a drying period of the first layer. Each t-shirt is manually printed, thus greatly reducing the risk of misprints. To print logos and texts, screen printing is perfectly suitable. And it’s the perfect solution for large t-shirts orders!

Since Wordans Canada has all necessary infrastructures and machines to print large t-shirts orders, we always have the right printing solution for you – whether you’re looking for a single tee or to print a large quantity of t-shirts! If you’re interested in printing 50 t-shirts and up at affordable pricing, we offer you free coupons that will earn you big savings on your wholesale orders! If your design has a specific number of solid colors, you may be eligible for the following free coupons which can give you up to 70% in discounts:

If you order 50 to 150 t-shirts with the same logo in 1 to 3 solid colors you will be eligible for a 60% discount.

  • Minimum Order: 50 garments
  • Up to 60% off with free coupon: S1W
  • Free Shipping!

If you order 150 to 500 t-shirts with the same logo in 1 to 5 solid colors you will be eligible for a 65% discount.

  • Minimum Order: 150 garments
  • Up to 65% off with free coupon: S2W
  • Free Shipping!

If you order 500 and more t-shirts with the same logo in 1 to 8 solid colors you will be eligible for a 70% discount.

  • Minimum Order: 500 garments
  • Up to 70% off with free coupon: S3W
  • Free Shipping!
To redeem these special discounts on screen printing orders, simply enter the appropriate free coupon in the checkout!
Happy couponing with screen printing discounts!
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Exceptional Design + Stylish Protection = iPhone Skins from Wordans

What does your smartphone look like? Plain black or white… a few scratches decorating the back perhaps?  Millions of people have fallen in love with Apple’s iPhones but keep their beloved gadgets hidden in boring leather cases or dark pockets.
But now it’s time to get your iPhone a new custom look and brag about it’s unique style to everyone. With Wordans custom iPhone skins you can easily turn your phone into a gameboy, calculator, audio cassette, games console, zapper or VHS tape. Check out our suggestions for unique custom iPhone skins, available for iPhone 4, iPhone 3 as well as iPad 2 and iPad 1. If our design ideas have inspired you to create your own skin, feel free to do so using our Custom Skin Application.

Happy designing!


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Discover our affiliated Online Shops and open your own for free!

It’s Friday, the weekend is approaching and you’re probably looking forward to some fun weekend activities: relaxing, spending time with family and friends, shopping… SHOPPING?? WHY NOT? Whether it’s raining like crazy or you’re just feeling lazy… just stay at home and do some online shopping. If you’re looking for unique garments, you should definitely check out Wordans’ affiliated online shops. Every friday we’re going to present you three outstanding online shops powered by Wordans, that offer individual and custom products:

  • Pixelpanda uses well-known characters from computer games and comics in a funny, pixelated design. Print them on any shirt you like!

  • Creajohn features creative designs referring to contemporary pop culture. There’s definitely more to come, so you should regularly check for new uploaded designs.

  • EvoLution Cases offers custom designed skins for iPhones. Give your mobile device a new look and browse through various designs.

If this is arousing your interest and you’re thinking of opening your own online shop powered by Wordans to sell designs and custom t-shirts, check out our Free White Label Online Shop!

Have fun!


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Custom Wall Art for you and me with Wordans!

Hi creative community!

Besides wearing customized clothes, what else is there to modify, to design and to posh up?! Just look around yourself. What do you see?

a) plain walls          b) shabby wallpaper          c) the poster from your high school days

Ok. You probably got the idea: there are thousands of possibilities to enhance your boring, depressive walls with Wordans’ Wall Art. Whether you’re looking for a classic Poster, large-format Banners, easily removable Peel’n'Sticks or pre-designed Wall Decals - Wordans has it all!

It’s so easy and fast, you won’t believe it. Just follow those three steps:

1. Choose a size for your poster/banner/peel’n'stick.

2. Choose your image (upload your own designs/photos or browse our Marketplace).

3. Start decorating your wall with custom Wall Art from Wordans.

This is, what you can expect from Wordans.




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Wordans is back with a 15% discount for you!

Hi old and new t-shirt lovers from all around the world!

Guess what, Wordans is back on this blog – more fresh and motivated than ever. To celebrate our come-back and the fact, that it’s Friday and the weekend is near, we offer you a special discount code worth 15%, applicable to all Wordans’ products.




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Gift idea for father’s day !

Sunday 19 June is Father’s Day ! During this family reunion, it’s an opportunity to please your dad.

You’re looking for gift idea for Father’s Day? How to get a message ? Use our t-shirts! Father's day

Wordans is there for you and offers a wealth of possibilities of gifts for Father’s Day, to show your love to your dad!

Nothing could be easier: You can use our special Father’s Day designs or create yourown design here.

In addition, if you place your order before June 15, using code dad20Wordans offers 20% discount on your t-shirts!

Do not wait, here’s a gift idea, inexpensive and touching for Father’s Day!

Father's day gift idea

As the poet George Herbert said

One father is more than a hundred Schoolemasters.

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