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Wordans is the first custom shirt design company in Canada to print high quality apparel for individual use and wholesale. When we say quality, we mean the best quality! We offer custom apparel made from 100% organic cotton. Wordans offers environmentally friendly and organic t-shirts to print your designs on. If you are not sure what type of shirt you are looking for, be sure to check out our list of the most popular t-shirts.

It’s BBQ time! Don’t forget about your appropriate outfit!

Hey BBQ maniacs!

It’s summertime and the cooking is easy! What better way to welcome in summer than cooking outdoors on a barbeque. BBQ’s are a relaxed way to feed family and friends, whether at the park or in your own backyard.

Just get out that BBQ and get ready for the next few months of outdoor grilling! And while watching the grill, you should mind your tasty outfit, too!

Check out Wordans’ exclusive designs for your perfect barbeque style:

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Sport Shirts from Wordans: Defense, Defense, Get it from the offense!

Come on, Wordans fans, create your own custom t-shirts!!

No matter what sport you like – you’re probably wearing a shirt, a jersey or a hoodie during your exercises. Sports gear protects your body, keeps your muscles warm and represents your personal style even on the sports ground.

So why don’t you express your passion for volleyball, canoeing, baseball, surfing, basketball, rock climbing etc. by wearing one of Wordans’ handprinted custom shirts?! Choose from our pre-designed garments in our Marketplace section or create your own design and put it on your favorite pair of sweatpants or your comfy sweatshirt?

Get inspired by Wordans’ great selection of sport designs and garment styles…

AND create your own custom t-shirts NOW!

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On sunny summer days…create a custom shirt with sunglasses!




Bonjour/Hi to all wearers of (sun)glasses!

Summer is at its best those days: sapphire blue sky, a refreshing cool breeze.. and you’re hopefully enjoying all this while relaxing in a beach chair with a cold cocktail in your hand and a pair of stylish sunglasses on your custom shirt. On your custom shirt? Exactly!

Wordans offers you an awesome collection of summer designs to put on your custom t-shirts! Why not put a pair of funky sunglasses on your custom tank top, v-neck or sweater? Choose your favorite design from our database or browse through our Wordans Marketplace for pre-designed garments.

Relax outside and enjoy the sunshine – with one of Wordans custom t-shirts!


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On sunny summer days…create a custom shirt with fruits!

Hi fruit and summer friends!

Yesterday we started our special Summer Week at Wordans, highlighting some gorgeous summer designs to put on your custom shirts! After a variety of ice cream designs, we now offer you a wide range of handprinted custom shirts with fruity designs!

At Wordans we have everything: from A for apple to W like watermelon, you’ll definitely find your favorite fruit design

Enjoy the taste of sun-ripened fresh fruits (and put them on your custom t-shirts)!


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On hot summer days…create a refreshing ice cream shirt!

Hi to all sun worshippers and Wordans’ supporters!

There has been amazing summer weather for several weeks now, but THIS week, summer officially starts on June 20, 2012, with the summer solstice! This date symbolizes the first day of summer as well as the longest day of the year regarding the length of sunshine hours on that special day.

To celebrate the summer solstice Wordans features a special Summer Week starting today and presents you a large choice of summer related designs for your custom shirts! This Monday Wordans special summer designs are all about delicious, refreshing ice cream! Choose  your favorite ice cream design and don’t miss our T-Shirt of the Day with a summerly discount on it!

Enjoy the weather, buy a scoop of ice cream and create individual custom shirts for this hot summer!


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Dare a change with wall decals from Wordans!

Hi to all weekend interior decorators!

Discover a new way of decorating your home with wall decals from Wordans. Recently wall stickers have become a new and easy way to give each room in your house a unique new look. With over 500 wall stickers available on Wordans, we offer you the best selection of wall decals in Canada. Whether you’re looking for Urban wall decals, Sport wall murals or Floral wall stickers to decorate your house: with hundreds of wall decals on Wordans, you will surely find what you are looking for to decorate your kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom…

Wordans’ wall decals are easy to stick and easy to remove which means they won’t ever damage AND they don’t leave marks or suddenly fall of your wall. Wall decals are just the perfect solution to decorate your home easily! And the best thing about it is, that our products do not just decorate walls! You can use them on almost any smooth surface: wood, plastic, glass…

Be innovative using wall stickers for your home! With Wordans, there is absolutely no limit to design and decoration!



FATHER’S DAY on June 17, 2012

Hi to daughters and sons from all over the world!

Next Sunday something special, something extraordinary is going to happen and you should definitely not forget about it: it’s Father’s Day and we are celebrating fatherhood and parenting. On a typical Father’s Day you should spend time with your father or the father figures in your life. Besides family celebrations with a BBQ or a hike in the great outdoors, you might want to give a small custom gift to your dad!

For the occasion of Father’s Day Wordans offers you a wide selection of pre-designed t-shirts from our Marketplace with a great variety of designs you can choose from to honor you dad with a hand-printed garment of your choice. Have a look at our design suggestions for custom t-shirts dedicated to your father!

Use our special coupon code DADDYW to get 15% discount on all your orders for Father’s Day!


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With warmest regards: Wordans’ affiliated Online Shops

Hi custom t-shirt lovers!

Last week we started our “Friday’s Shop Recommendations” feature. This week present another three very special t-shirt designers that each have an affiliated Online Shop with Wordans.


Hello Gizmo Boutique is a small but mighty online shop featuring custom clothes with a little, cute flea design that constantly spreads a good mood and makes you smile. The eye-catching Gizmo design suits children’s shirts very well, grown-ups might be more attracted by the Gizmo Soda Design.


KinKong keeps it’s promise and offers a great variety of stylish designs all inspired by our hairy ancestors: apes. If you’re fond of grim gorillas, maniac monkeys and fruity bananas, then you’ll definitely find the right custom shirt for you!

Kadran is a Quebec-based shop selling designs inspired by Canadian culture: from hockey-playing penguins on a maple leaf background to comic-like “watch out for crossing caribous”-signs you can find cute animal designs for your custom shirts.






Discover our affiliated online shops and buy exclusive, hand-printed garments made by Wordans!


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