Xmas tie-dye

It’s been a while since our first tie-dye blog! That’s why we thought that, now that it’s Christmas time, it would be the perfect moment to remind you a nice and creative way to spend these holidays with the little ones of the house, or… the adults ones! This is an activity for everybody ?

This time, again inspired by our brand ambassador and tie-dye expert Madison @fancyvelveeta, we’re gonna show you how to create a nice piece so you and your loved ones can rock your own Christmas items like she did in this video! Remember you’re going to need a tie-dye kit that you can easily get online or at your creative painting reference store. On this occasion we recommend red and green tones as they’re the signature holiday colors.

Spiral tie-day

For this one, we want to suggest the hoodie Madison’s using in the video. Get a white Gildan 18500 hoodie  to keep you warm now that it’s cold outside! Protect the area where you’re going to perform the tie-dye. Then place your item there, flat. Grab the hoodie from the center (making a cross from the armpit area and the vertical half of the item)  and twist it until you have a ball shape. Now you can tighten it with 3 rubber bands to make sure the shape is consistent and won’t move while you dye it.

With this done, now you just have to apply the colors on both sides of the ball. You can apply it in every area separated by the rubbers, or you can just keep it simple doing half side and half side, as Madison does. Then let it dry inside of a plastic bag for 6-8 hours or even overnight for better results. Once the dye is processed, you can see the amazing result!

Snowman tote bag

You already know the versatility of the tote bags to print your designs. But not only for that, they’re also great to use the tie-dye technique! Get yourself white tote bags for an incredible price and start creating your designs. For this one apart from the tie-dye kit, you’ll also need Puffy textured dye to create the snowman’s face. Even your kid will want to go back to school and show his or her friends what you’ve created home.

Credit: Riahs Tie Dye

First of all flatten the bag on a protected and also flat area. Grab the center of the bag and pull it up through your fingers making a circle. Place a rubber band on the center of the shape. That’s going to be the snowman’s head. Then you can add more rubber bands below to separate the color areas. It can seem complicated but it’s actually very easy. Leave the first round area clean and use green and red colors in the different areas you have. Let it dry for 24 hours and you can reveal the shape.

You will have the clean roundy area to draw the snowman’s face. Take your Puffy texture dye and draw the cute and iconic Christmas character, let it dry and you’re all set!

We hope you enjoy these couple ideas we just presented you to create at home with your family and friends. Don’t forget we have a wide product selection to choose from at Wordans.ca and if you need inspiration you can go check our Instagram page @wearewordans.

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