4 ideas for corporate gifts

Opt for accessories to give away to build customer loyalty! Wordans has selected for you 4 perfect objects to be personalized for your corporate gifts. 

Offering items as gifts to your customers or employees is an easy and effective communication strategy. Many small objects can be easily personalized with a logo or a slogan representing your brand. These objects that can be reused by your customers and partners will strengthen your business relationships, broadcast your image to the outside world, and in short, help develop your sales!

The T-shirt

A great classic in merchandising, the T-shirt is a safe bet. It is an object that is easy to personalize and can be used for all kinds of logos or slogans. Moreover, it is a durable item that will stay with the customer for a while. If you choose to offer a T-shirt with your company’s logo, choose this model from Gildan: a 100% cotton short-sleeved T-shirt with an ultra-comfortable classic cut. It is available in dozens of colors to match all your needs. 

The cap

Among the most common merchandising objects, we also find the cap. It is a practical item with long-lasting use. Corporate gift hats are a popular summertime ally that can be worn on outdoor excursions or in the garden. The cap is a gift choice that can suit a wide range of industries. Opt for an easy-to-customize model, like this one from Flexfit: an easy-to-customize adjustable cap that is sure to please.

The polo shirt

In the same spirit as the T-shirt, the polo shirt is an easily customizable and distributable object, which has the advantage of being able to accommodate a large logo. On the other hand, its life span is long. The polo shirt is best suited to high-end brands or those looking for a more elegant image, We have selected for you this polo model  made of 100% cotton. Elegant with its classic cut and three buttons on the collar, it will be appreciated by your customers in its white, blue, gray, black or red colors.



The Hoodie

If you are looking to create a real connection with your customers, to offer a special merchandising item, we recommend you to offer a hoodie. The hoodie is one of the most worn housewear items. It offers comfort and style while keeping you warm. Admittedly, the cost of manufacturing this corporate item is higher than other items. But on the other hand, by offering a hoodie to your customers you are sure to spread your brand for a long time with this customer and his entourage. Our selection is Radsow model of very soft plain hoodie, which will proudly bear your logo.





Our list presents you with an extract of the most practical and common objects to be personalized and distributed as corporate gifts. If you are looking for other more specific items, please visit our page www.wordans.ca/ to access our complete catalog. Don’t forget to check our instagram page @wordans_canada for daily inspiration.



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