3 Looks for a job interview depending on the company type

One of the most stressful things you can face, besides the nerves of a job interview, is deciding what to wear. It might seem easy, but it’s not. We’ve been told that a blazer and a shirt are the correct option. But the truth is that, over the years, the professional world and the way the interviews take place have changed. For example, some companies such as startups, where you can find younger people, might not require the same dress code that a conventional and older company, as they look for a fresher and relaxed look. What you wear is communicating a message to the interviewer, and it’s in many cases, defining your personality. At Wordans we want to help you find the perfect outfit for these events!

For this article, we’ve partnered with Jooble, to identify these different companies and what to wear for each one of their interviews! Jooble is based in Ukraine and it’s one of the most visited job search engines, especially in Europe, that gathers job vacancies from different sources such as job boards, newspapers or recruiter pages, between others. With Jooble it’s really easy to just filter your preferences whether you’re a freelance or you’re looking for an internship, a full-time or a part-time job. It’s present in 71 countries and available in 24 languages, to make sure you can just find what you’re looking for, at the perfect location for you. So now you just need to have a look and get ready for your next interview with the following styling advice.

For the conservative company

Some kind of jobs require a strict and formal dress code. Depending on your profession, you know it. Maybe you’re a lawyer, or you work in a senior financial company or a bank. Those kinds of jobs require you to dress thoroughly to show to your interviewer that you’re a responsible person, and that you are going to work hard. It’s a little bit of a cliché,  but still what works better in these interview contexts. That’s why in this case, we want to recommend a classic formal outfit.  A white shirt and a navy blue blazer with suit pants for him; or a pencil skirt under the knees, also with a white shirt and a blazer for her, are what you (and your interviewer) are looking for! Can’t go wrong with this one.

For the startup

The fast changing business environment daily presents new challenges and opportunities for young people to start their own business. In some cases, they succeed with the idea and they grow quickly. Soon they get overwhelmed with the amount of work they have, increasing everyday and they decide to extend the number of positions in the company. When this happens it’s the perfect chance for you to apply and enter, in most of the cases, in a fresh, young, and energetic working environment. That’s why for this one, you need a relaxed look that meets your, probably young, interviewer expectations. For this job meeting, we suggest a polo shirt or a basic t-shirt, in a neutral color such as white, black, gray, navy blue or brown. Pair it with jeans and a pair of black or white Converse. That way you’re going to communicate you’re professional, without screaming for attention by using the right colors.

For the creative roles

When you’re going to an interview with a disruptive fashion company, depending on your area of work, you have to show something different when it comes to your outfit. If you’re applying for a creative role such as designer, or something more related to your knowledge in the field; such as visual merchandiser, cool-hunter, stylist or some other that requires you to show some unique sense of fashion, you have to nail it during your job interview. In this case you have to use your imagination and express yourself as you always do. Accessories might help, but you can also create your own unique piece of clothing, just as Heather did in this video, customizing her own Wordans crewneck sweatshirt. Impress your interviewer by presenting your own creation and your particular sense of style. We leave the rest of the outfit at your choice!

Now you know how to dress for a job interview! Be confident with your outfit choice thanks to Wordans ? Visit our Instagram for more inspiration @wearewordans and explore our website Wordans.ca to find a wide variety of colors and products.

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