4 outfit inspirations to get the perfect Halloween costume!

It is official, Halloween is around the corner! Dressing up with funny and unusual Halloween costumes and eating sweets is just another way to celebrate with your friends. But this means that you have to start brainstorming about your costume. Will it be too scary, too funny, or just too much? Every year it is inevitable to wonder the same thing. Instead of overthinking about your outfit, just go for something cheerful. At Wordans, this is what we suggest!

Orange Hoodie with a Pumpkin

If you are trying to combine something comfortable and funny this might be the right choice for you. Just combining a hoodie with a pumpkin, you might get a simple and effective costume.

The main piece is this orange hoodie from Gildan.  A bit oversized, with a modern and basic style it is super convenient to wear at a party.

To make it on theme, print a pumpkin design or add some pumpkin accessories that will give you the scary and stylish outfit you need!


Black hoodie with a Skeleton

If your goal is to scare your friends, there is nothing better than a skeleton printed in your favorite hoodie! To ensure you can get the effect you want, we suggest this scary and cool outfit.

The thickness and the quality of this Gildan hoodie will allow you to obtain a high-quality visual for your printing. Also, the slim cut assures comfort and a stylish look. And in case you need to bring your items with you, but you don’t know where to put them, this pocket will help you!


Tie dye t-shirt … with a ghost!

Ghost costumes are definitely a common choice for Halloween, so there’s a risk of ending with a really basic spooky outfit. It is super simple to prepare a ghost costume, as you only need a white t-shirt and some cool accessories, but at Wordans we thought about something more original for you!

White is definitely a color that you can match with everything, but as our TikTok ambassador Madison @fancyvelveeta did, why don’t you create a unique ghost tie-dye look using a black t-shirt for Halloween? This will make the difference wherever you are going.

You can get this black t-shirt from Fruit of the loom for the price of a beer! And in case you want to boost the scary effect, you can always personalize with all the accessories you want.


Oversized T-shirt with accessories

If you are going to a party, you probably want to wear something simple but at the same time, something that can help you to be a bit mysterious.

At Wordans we suggest matching this XL Gildan t-shirt with your favorite accessories, to be trendy and frightening at the same time.

For example, you could use a pair of cat ears and re-create a “Cat Woman” costume, or you could go for a pair of angel or demon wings. Just add a simple black belt to enhance the waistline and enjoy your Halloween party!



We just gave you 4 ideas to create the perfect Halloween costume with Wordans products. Let us know which one you like the most on @wearewordans!

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