Stylish looks with hoodies

In case you are keeping up with the current trends, you most definitely have seen a lot of looks featuring hoodies lately. Due to the variety of cuts, colours and fabrics you can wear them to nearly every occasion. They are super comfortable and stylish at the same time!

To make it easier for you to hop on the trend, we have come up with 3 different ways to wear the new it-piece!

Unisex Streetstyle Look 

If you like to combine style and comfort, you will totally love this look. With just a few items, it’s super easy to create a fashionable look that can be worn by both men and women.




As the key piece, we chose this white hoodie (Gildan G185 – 13.44$), that can easily be worn oversized if you like. With its pocket and classic cut, it is super on trend and convenient. To make the look extra stylish, we went for this denim shirt (Ash city North End 88637– 55.24$) in black. Its slim, fashionable fit and the comforting 100% cotton fabric ensure that you will love this item. When combined with the white hoodie and worn unbuttoned, it gives you the ultimate streetstyle look. For the bottom we suggest you just put on your favorite pair of jeans. To finish it up with a cool touch, this classic cap (Flexfit 6577 – 12.48$) in dark grey is a perfect match. The brushed cotton and the nice color complete the look and add a touch of coolness.

Cozy Look

After a long day at work, there’s nothing better than to come home and change out of your working clothes. To ensure you can enjoy the rest of the day in full comfort, we created this cozy look.

.For the bottom, we chose these slim fit jogger pants (Champion 0514BY – 61.23$). With the back pocket and the ribs on the waist and bottom, they are comfortable and functional at the same time. The slim fit caresses the body and ensures a fashion-conscious look even at home. For the top we went with this cute, cropped hoodie in pink (Gildan G185 – 16.42$). It matches the pants really well and adds a feminine touch to the outfit with its cropped cut and pinkish color. It has a large kangaroo pocket and flat cords that make it look super stylish. To finish this look off, this bag (Team 365 – 7.63$) is perfect because it has quite a lot of space, so you can easily carry all your snacks and drinks to your friends home for a movie night.

Pastel-colored hoodies

Pastel colors are really trendy at the moment, in all shapes and ways. Especially during this summer, they became very popular and this trend will definitely last for quite a while. Whether it’s a light blue, pale pink, soft yellow or gentle green, pastel colors have many shades and are therefore very versatile. Thanks to the big range of colors and cuts at Wordans, you will be able to find your perfect it-piece in pastel!




The first item we present to you is a creamy blue hoodie (Gildan G185 – 16.42$) made of cotton. With its half moon inside collar and the front pouch pocket, this hoodie has a very stylish and modern look. The color perfectly fits the pastel trend and wins you over with its really light blue.

The next hoodie (Gildan G185 – 16.42$) we chose has a slim cut, which will add a feminine touch to every outfit – especially in this beautiful creamy pink. The soft cotton fabric and the big hood make it really easy to be stylish and comfortable at the same time.

To complete this beautiful range of colors, we decided to go with this soft yellow college hoodie (Gildan – 16.42$). The color will remind you of a soft lemon sorbet and instantly upgrade your look! This unisex hoodie with the big pouch pocket, that has an earphone cord feed, is stylish and very convenient at the same time. You will definitely stand out in any situation with this trendy piece of clothing.


These are only a few hoodies from the wide range you can find at Wordans. We just presented you three ways to create stylish, modern outfits with hoodies. How do you like to wear your favorite hoodie? Feel free to share it with us!

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