Summer Fashion Trends

Summer has just begun, nice days are coming and the heat is starting to be felt, and on this occasion, we have decided to present you the latest summer fashion trends.

At Wordans, just like at Needen, we always want to offer products that are in accordance with current fashion. Therefore, you will find in this article what are the colours, products and accessories not to be missed for this summer.


Trendy summer colors

White is the ultimate summer colour. It is a timeless colour that keeps out the heat and can enhance any tanned skin. At Wordans, nearly all of our products are available in white, as it is one of the most popular and basic colors. White products also offer more choice when it comes to customization. The sublimation technique is, for example, highly recommended for white or light-coloured textiles.



Besides white, pastel colors are also very trendy during the summer season, as they are more subtle and easy to wear than flashy colors. They can be found on a whole range of products, from tee-shirts to bags and accessoriesAmong these pastel colors, the most popular one this summer is baby pink. This very soft color is suitable for both men and women and is very easy to be worn and accessorized. 


This summer, this trendy color appears in our product catalogue with the brands, Fruit of the Loom and Gildan for example.


  • Fruit of the Loom offers a must-have with this short sleeve tee-shirt, available in a very wide range of sizes and colors, and very trendy for the summer season.
  • For cooler summer evenings, you are going to love the Gildan Ultra Cotton hoodie, very comfortable and available in various trendy colors.

These colours are very popular, as shared by various influencers via Instagram and Tiktok.


Summer must-have products

During the summer season, T-shirts and tank tops remain a must-have. They are the ultimate summer clothes as they are very practical to wear and it is so easy to create outfits with.Whether they are blank or printed, with subtle colours or flashy ones, at Wordans you will find a wide range of t-shirts and tank tops, for men, women and children. We have specially selected some must-have pieces for this summer, such as our new t-shirts printed with trendy and original designs.


Tank tops are also highly appreciated during this season, as they are light, comfortable and create a casual look. You’ll love their different styles and trendy colors. You can find all of our tank tops on our online shop.



There’s nothing better to go with a tee-shirt, than a pair of shorts. You should highly appreciate the Sublimated Pink Swirl Short for women, with its vibrant colors and original design. For men, you’ll be able to easily create a casual outfit with the Champion Mesh Short.




To complete your outfits, bags are also very trendy this summer. They are perfect for taking all of your items with you when going to the beach or the pool, for example. Additionally, they can be endlessly customized, and create added value to your outfit. At Wordans, we have the summer must-have bag: a drawstring bag. With its low price and 8 different colors, you won’t be able to buy only one. It is also perfect to be worn all year long.



Summer must-have accessories

Summer is also the best time to wear more accessories. With the high temperatures, must-have accessories are caps. They will be perfect to protect you from the sun while giving you a trendy touch. At Wordans, we have many different types of caps, from sporty to casual ones.

They are available in a wide range of colors, and so they will satisfy all your needs. For an even more casual style, a hat is also very trendy.



You are now aware of all the products, accessories and colours that you need to have to be trendy all summer long. To discover more products, we invite you to visit our online shop, where you can also find the current most popular items.

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