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Keeping a healthy lifestyle is a priority for many people nowadays. Some are born with it, have been practicing sport their whole lives, and they always find time to enrol a team, go to the gym or just have a nice run. After the Covid-19, and facing a lockdown that no one expected, others have realised how important it is to stay healthy and in shape, or maybe just for fun or boredom. The benefits of practising sport are endless and it makes our body segregate endorphins and serotonin which results in a positive mood. That’s why, no matter what your discipline is, at Wordans, we want to suggest some outfits that will meet all your expectations so you can unleash your full potential, this time, for her.









Loved or hated. Normally there’s no in between. But the truth is that this kind of exercise is really good for both your body and your mental health. When we run we activate directly two muscular groups, the hamstrings and the calves, and indirectly many more. We also improve our cardiovascular condition and our resistance. It is really good to run in a group to strengthen the connection between a group of people, or just to distract yourself, but it’s also nice to enjoy a solo run to disconnect from everything and listen to music.

Our outfit suggestion for you involves this Champion sports bra to provide you support in this high intensity exercise. We also have this running t-shirt that includes breathable panels placed strategically. Moreover, we thought it would be convenient to count on this long sleeve blue shirt with a zipper on the neckline for the cooler days too. Finally, you can add these basic black capri leggings. Now you just have to put on your running sneakers and enjoy!


If we think about another exercise that connects your body and your mind, but not at a high intensity level, that’s yoga. There’re a lot of different ramifications of this sport, from more active ones, to others that closely touch meditation. Some people find it really useful to stretch their bodies and connect with themselves taking many benefits from it.

It’s really recommended for people that work under a lot of stress, heavy weights or in the office. Also it improves respiration and prevents injuries. If you are practicing this sport you’ll already know how important it is to stay comfortable in your clothes. That’s why we want to suggest this loose fitted look that includes an oversized, light and very soft gray t-shirt combined with these joggers, also in gray. Take your yoga mat and you’re all set!










Soccer moves multitude of people around the world and for many it’s a strong passion they have. It’s a competitive sport, but at the same time eases you to develop your social skills as you have to interact and successfully communicate with the other members of your team. Even if football is considered a “men’s” sport, at Wordans, we want to fight this cliché proposing these handy outfits to beat any guy on the playing field football pitch. We propose you a total black look with this t-shirt and these shorts. Add a pair of white soccer socks to complete the outfit, you’re ready for the game! 

Now you don’t have any excuse to avoid exercising and on a budget! Taking into account that workout clothes are really versatile, it is a good investment as you will be able to use it as loungewear or for a hike also. Follow us on Instagram for everyday outfit inspiration @wearewordans and visit our website.

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