7 minimalist essentials for men

Fashion trends come and go with the seasons and aren’t here to stay. One day something is trendy, the next day it is not anymore. Basic essentials, however, are here to stay. These items, regardless of fashion trends, are and always will be stylish. We have selected a list of 7 essential casual items for every man to have in his wardrobe.

A grey sweatshirt

There are not many things that are quite as versatile as a grey sweatshirt. It can be worn on many different occasions, from workouts in the gym to more formal occasions.

It shines beneath a nice coat as well as in combination with a white oxford shirt, with the collar showing.

If you like to dress minimalist, the Gildan G180 will be right up your alley. This casual essential sweatshirt combines style and quality together perfectly.

A white oxford shirt

Tucked into your pants, buttoned up, a white Oxford shirt can be worn in almost any workplace. Take the same shirt, undo a couple of its buttons and it can be worn on vacation while enjoying a nice cocktail. It cannot be left out of any man’s wardrobe.

With its oxford shirt, Devon and Jones D630 takes a minimalist approach, giving you the freedom to wear it whenever you please without seeming out of place.


A blue oxford shirt

Sometimes, you might not feel like wearing a white shirt, but you might also find that a T-shirt is too casual. In that case you should consider wearing a colored oxford shirt.

Devon and Jones D630 has an incredible blue oxford shirt that does everything its white counterpart does too, just a little more casual. This is another item that cannot miss from your minimalist wardrobe.


A white T-shirt

Nothing says humble and minimalistic quite like a white T-shirt does. It has stood the test of time and to this day you can see it worn wherever you go.

It is a safe bet and it can be combined with almost any pair of jeans.

Gildan’s G800 heavy cotton T-shirt is the perfect option for those who want to add this iconic piece of clothing to their wardrobe.


A black T-shirt

“I’ll stop wearing black when they invent a darker colour.” For some, black is the only way to dress, and we get it. So, for these people (and everybody else) we have added a black T-shirt to the list.

You can never go wrong with this item. It’s perfectly minimalistic and like the white version, it goes with pretty much everything. Consider Gildans G800, it will suit anyone’s closet.

A navy blue T-shirt

For those who want something different than white or black, but want to stay with the minimalist theme, some navy blue can do wonders.

This Gildan 8000 pairs well with indigo denim, or with navy trouser to go for that ultimate summer look.



A hoodie

No wardrobe is complete without at least one hoodie. They’re cozy, comfortable and casual and come in a wide array of colors.

Especially during cold winter nights at home, there’s nothing better than having a relaxed evening while wearing your favorite hoodie.

Gildan’s G125 is a perfect option for those looking to add to their collection.




There you have our list of minimalist essentials for every man. For those who sign up to our newsletter at the bottom of our website www.wordans.ca there’s an additional 3% discount waiting. Did you feel inspired by these options? Let us know at @wearewordans.

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