A personality a bag

Just imagine how our lives would be without bags. They help us to carry our lives. From when we are kids until we grow up and go to the office. Even in our personal lives, by traveling or going on small adventures with our loved ones. They help us to create memories we’ll never forget. That’s why we thought it would be a great idea to propose some fancy ideas for you to implement this timeless item to your business, gift packs, or cause. It’s something that always comes handy, and that will help you promote your business in an organic way. Please, follow us on this bag trip through the wide variety we offer at Wordans.

For the sporty

If you’re a sports lover, you’ll love this item. It’s a must-have with your workout clothes. Sometimes it’s difficult to follow our schedule and we succumb into the temptation of skipping our daily workout. And that’s why we want to suggest you this practical sports bag. It has enough room for you to fill it with everything you need, clothes, sneakers, equipment, or a towel. We recommend you to go for the black one if you want something classic but you have a wide variety of colors to choose at Wordans. You can even get them in bulk and personalize them with your workout buddies names, or the logo of your gym or team.

For the student

The first backpack with a zipper was created in 1938. It was first created for hiking usage only, but with the time, it has become a good friend for all students around the world. We can’t think about school without thinking of this iconic and indispensable accessory that came to make our lives easier. When you’re going to school or college, you normally need a big backpack that can carry everything: books, laptop, case, notebooks… You need to pick one that’s good quality and can support all that weight, while giving you comfort. We selected this black backpack that offers exactly what you need, and it also has pockets that will help you organize your material.


For the getaway lover

Nothing better than a getaway to disconnect from the stress of the week. It’s nice to leave for a couple of days and enjoy nature, as well as some hikes. For these few days off we recommend you this travel bag, that has the exact size you’ll need for such an amount of days. On the other hand, when you plan small hikes, sometimes you don’t need a big backpack but just a small one to carry a bottle of water, some sandwiches, your phone and a camera. That’s why we think this gymsack will be ideal for that kind of hike. It’s easy to print a logo or any other personalized design on it, so it can make a good gift too.

Now you have a lot of ideas for your business and possible gifting packs that you can implement using bags. It’s a handy item that  never goes wrong and that everybody can use. For more inspiration check our Instagram @wearewordans and check our website Wordans.ca to find a wide variety of products.

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