How to combine an elegant blazer in different ways

They say that “if you think that you are not blazer material, this makes you perfect to wear one”. The black blazer is a must have for both men and women. No wardrobe is complete without this versatile item, as it’s easy to match with a pair of elegant trousers but also with casual clothing, depending on the event you need to attend. We will show you how to match such an iconic piece with simple and affordable items!

Let’s start with women!


Daily outfit for women

Are you thinking of keeping an elegant and simple style for your daily outfit? Consider matching this black blazer for women, unbuttoned, with our and our tank top. This outfit will accentuate your feminine silhouette with items that are super easy to combine. With a pair of comfortable sneakers or flat sandals, you will get a professional and trendy look for every day!



Evening outfit for women

In case you are attending an elegant occasion, a suit is not your only option. Whether you need it for a special evening, or for an important meeting, combine it with a simple black dress, and a pair of classic nude heels, and you will be ready! You can also match  this outfit with a special necklace or a pair of shiny earrings.

This material will ensure you comfort and an endlessly elegant touch, with a Megan Markle style, wherever you go.



Men’s turn!

Daily outfit for men

Imagine that you are going out to visit your friends, or just going to the office, a blazer can be combined with this Oxford shirt that you can find on Wordans, and a pair of jeans. Simple and elegant at the same time, If you also add a pair of white classic sneakers, it will give an effortless but trendy touch to your daily outfit.

Evening outfit for men

If you always thought that you could only wear a black blazer with a suit and a shirt to be elegant on a night out, we are here to show you that it is not the only way! If you are looking for a casual and classy outfit a night out, this combination is the solution for you. Whether you are going out for a cocktail, or just to stroll through your favorite spots, you can combine this jacket with one of our must-haves, the Gildan 8000. Add a pair of casual trousers like these some oxford shoes and you will get the casual-chic effect that you are looking for!


We showed you how to combine this versatile and classic item in easy ways. Let us know what you think and follow us on @wearewordans ?

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