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It’s official, September is here, the temperatures are dropping and we’re starting to say goodbye to summer. But it is not all bad news. With the arrival of winter, we also get hot chocolates on rainy afternoons, “movie and blanket” plans, and of course … winter getaways!

In this post we are going to introduce you to our essential “must-haves” that you will need to be an authentic backpacker and reach any part of the world during these winter months.


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We start with the most important accessory, the backpack. We know that you need to take many things to your getaways and that is why we bring you two different models of backpacks. The first, available in many colours, at a very affordable price and with ergonomic and comfortable straps which are fully adjustable to your back. And secondly, the Champion 4023NN, in black, made with resistant materials and a 30L capacity. Both are perfect to carry comfortably and safely everything you need with you.


Once we have the backpack, we can move on to the clothes. As we said at the beginning of this article, winter temperatures are very low, and sometimes extreme, depending on thecountry you go to. So, to keep you always warm, we suggest this fleece lining and this basic long-sleeved undershirt to wear underneath the rest of your clothes and stay away from the cold. Finally, if you travel to a country where the rain can catch you at any time, we recommend to you this Softshell jacket that, in addition to keeping you warm, it avoids that you end your trip with a cold. It’s also available for men!


They say that in the head we have the most important organs of the body, because they control the rest of our body, our emotions and actions.

Therefore, it is essential to keep it warm in cold temperatures and there is no better article for that than this cap, which not only will add style to your outfit, but will keep you protected at an incredibly low price.


The most important thing when you are a backpacker is that you feel comfortable in your clothes. That wayyou can keep exploring new places for hours or even days without feeling tired or annoyed. Hence, our last recommendation, so that you can walk comfortably and go as far as you want, are these joggers in the most fashionable colours, which can be combined with all kinds of clothes on top. They will allow you great flexibility and are versatile for all kinds of adventures.

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We hope this article was useful for you and that you now know that you can buy at Wordans all the products you need for your winter getaways. We would love if you tag us on our instagram @wearewordans so we can follow you during your winter trips!

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