NewBorns at the Office

Life is a cycle and sooner or later, some couples decide it is the moment to take a step further in their relationship and plan to have a kid together or maybe add a new member to their family. It is a natural process and a moment to celebrate life. That’s why it is very important that, as a company, you show you’re there to join the joy of your employees when those events happen. From Wordans we want to show you today, a nice way of making your employees feel valued by offering a nice gifting bag full of wonderful ideas for the NewBorns in your office. We have a wide variety of articles aimed to make their little ones happy and comfortable. 

The Bag

When you have a baby at home, every time you go outside, you probably need to carry a bunch of stuff to make sure you can respond to their little necessities. It can be tricky to put everything you need in your regular purse, that’s why we suggest this Champion Sling Bag, that will help you carry all you need for your baby with style! It’s also very comfortable and practical as it’s convertible, so you can wear it as a backpack or a handbag. 

Baby Body

Giving baby clothes as a present for the parents it’s also very common. It’s one of the star gifts when baby showers take place. That’s why we think it would be very nice to add this baby body to your NewBorns gifting set. You can print your company logo on it so the parents feel the warm welcome from your company to the new member of the family. We have many colors, so you can go from the classic baby blue or baby pink, to a neutral color such as gray. Get the one that suits you better!

Baby Bib

Feeding a baby, and, especially if you’re a new dad or mum, can be a great challenge. Everything gets messy and dirty at the beginning :P. That’s why you can create another corporate accessory (that will also come very handy to the parents!) by printing your logo on this baby bib from Rabbit Skins. On this occasion you can also choose from different colors as it has many options available.

Premium Bandana Bib

If you prefer a cooler style and step out of the conventional bib, we also suggest this nice Premium Bandana, to add a touch of style to your little baby. Made of 100% combed ringspun cotton premium jersey to ensure they get the softest feel on their fragile skin. As well as many of our products, you can find different colors to choose from on our website. 

Now you have a nice proposal on how to build the best NewBorns gifting set ever! Your employees will love it, as well as their babies. Add value to your company, add Wordans! Explore our website to find a bunch of other options for your company, and visit our Instagram page @wearewordans to get inspiration. 


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