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In the 1950s and 1960s a new form of expression related to fashion appeared: the printing on clothing and accessories. People started trying new ways of expressing themselves, their feelings, through powerful images and messages. In the 70s, it became a great way to advertise all the world’s problems, everything people wanted to stand up for. People started using their clothes to speak up. Later on, companies saw the impact of printing on their apparel, merchandise and work uniforms, so they started incorporating this technique into their professional routines. At Wordans, as providers of the items you’re gonna use to print your most important  messages to the world, as well as your brand identity, we have a huge responsibility.


For any company


Did you know we have the best basic t-shirts for printing? If you’re looking for the best quality items to print that’s the best choice for you. Why? Easy. These t-shirts are perfect for you to get the best results when printing. Most of them are made of certified 100% organic cotton and their colors are deep and bright in order to improve the print contrasts. Check them out here!

For art companies


Are you a tattoo studio owner? Do you have a small art gallery? Or maybe you created a drawing school for kids? The best item for you is probably a tote bag. Your co-workers usually carry a small notebook or a mini book to draw their sketches, ideas, thoughts…. On the other hand, your customers love your art, your designs, they are sometimes hipsters with a strong urban culture. Nothing better than a 100% cotton tote bag where you can easily print your own designs, so your customers can carry your art whenever they want!

For academic institutions


Who doesn’t love a varsity signature hoodie? If you’re an academic institution, you might want to create this sense of belonging between your students. A good branding strategy you can use for that is selling some hoodies or sweatshirts with the logo of your college, high school, summer camp… Get this Gildan hoodie in navy blue or this Gildan sweatshirt in charcoal, for example, that are og academic colors your students will love. They can even use it for P.E, excursions,etc. Something definitely simple, but that they can also keep as a memory of their best years at your school!


Did you like our printing ideas? Would you like to personalize some items for your business? Check Wordans.ca and discover a wide range of products you can personalize and print! And don’t forget to check our Instagram @wearewordans for daily inspiration!

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