A tribute to Will Ferrell

Famous for his roles in Anchorman and Old School , Will Ferrell comes right back at us with his new feature film ”Semi-Pro”. As a tribute to my favorite SNL character, I figured I show you guys this Will Ferrell T-shirt Design submited by <a href=”http://bendesign.wordans.ca/my”>Ben designs.</a> What a classic Ferrell face!

Will Ferrell t-shirt from old school

In case you don’t see it, Ben is depicting the crazy scene in Old School where Will gets super wasted off beer bongs and tries to get college kids to go streaking with him. Unfortunately, no one follows, and he ends up in the back of his wife’s car 🙁

We all love you Will (you better love him!) and the crazy antics he delivers. So cudos to Will, and may he never stop being a super tanker! If your interested, you can create your own custom t-shirt with this unique design. <a href=”https://www.wordans.ca/display/create_tshirt/618″>Give it a try!</a>

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