Celebrate the new Iphone launch with Wordans custom printing!


We’d be lying if we pretended that there wasn’t bursting excitement at Wordans in regards to the launch of Apple’s newest Iphone. That being said, everyone knows that with great new goodies…. comes great responsibility!
Protect your Iphone 6 in style with our customized skins and personalized cases, available on www.wordans.ca.

Scroll through our amazing pre-made artist designs, or better yet…create your own!
Wordans’ motto: Stay original, and do it your way.

You can start designing your dream Iphone 6 skin right now!

Here’s how:

Step 1- Visit www.wordans.ca and click Phone Cases in the “Create Your Own” drop-down menu. or simply (https://www.wordans.ca/custom-cases/iphone-6?lang=en)

Step 2- Select the type of device you want a case for. In this case, click on the Iphone 6 icon.

(For those of us who aren’t up to date with the latest technologies…have no fear! Wordans also offers customized iphone cases for iPhone 4 and 4S, iPhone 5 and 5S, iPad Mini, Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, and Blackberry Z10.)

Now for the Final Step: Either select a pre-made artwork by some of our local illustrators or personalize your design yourself! Add some text, color, glitz, glam…whatever your heart desires.

You can also upload your own photos or artwork to give your case that special “you” touch. Shrink them, blow them up, make an optical pattern of Beyonce’s face if that is what tickles your fancy. With Wordans, you have carte blanche.

You may now stop worrying about cracked screens and water damage, while displaying your individuality with your very own custom iphone case by Wordans.

What are you waiting for?

Custom Cases Iphone 6

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