ClockWork Orange T-shirt – A Wordans Original

Clockwork Orange is decidedly one of my all time favorite movies. Stanley Kubrick gives us a look of a familiar future, where delinquents are ”persuaded” to conform to society. Now I always wanted a Clockwork Orange t-shirt, but I figured it was a little bit dated. Today I received this new design which gives a new approach to the famous movie and I just had to share with you.

Kanted Style, a featured Wordans Designer who offers movie themed t-shirts, proposes a unique take on the film with his ”spilled milk” design, showing our anti-hero’s face drowning in spilled milk and oranges. This cool new design is ready to print for you to wear on your own custom movie t-shirt.

If you have any ideas for cool movie t-shirts, or any designs your aching to share, just add a comment below or drop us an e-mail!

Come check out the movie inspired t-shirt store at the Kanted Style boutique.

Till next time!

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