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We know that merch booths are very important for touring artists – any band or artist, big or small, has a merch table at their show and hopefully an online boutique. If you think about it, there’s been a merch table at the majority of the shows you’ve been to. This makes it one of the most important parts of an entertainers career. It doesn’t only help artists create a new revenue stream but it also enables them to turn their fans into walking, talking – and in many cases screaming – adverts or “brand ambassadors” for their brand, hence helping promote them anywhere and everywhere they go.

 Here are a few tips:

What merch should you make?

The typical apparel and merch pieces such as custom t-shirts,hoodies, posters, stickers and more are always a no brainer and good way to start. We’ll talk about how to develop and create those items later on in this post. Although I suggest typical merch items, I strongly urge you to get extremely creative with this apparel, use humor, be provocative, be unique, do what it takes to have your fans like your merchandise/clothing line as much as they like your sound!

Consider these fun things to create and sell: custom stickers, posters, iPhone cases or printed art that are representative of your brand. You can even reach out to an artist from your circle or one that inspires you to help you design your clothing line and merch items. We all have a friend that loves to draw or scribble a piece of art on a notepad corner…why not help that friend leverage your bands influence and start a design career themselves?

Also follow the trends and technology that influence your market, create custom iPhone cases and iPad cases to include to your merchandise. You wouldn’t want to leave your geek fans aside?

Limited edition t-shirts, hoodies and collections are a great way to please the die-hard fans that want that particular piece that no one else can get.

Many of these options are scalable and cost efficient which will in turn allow you to sell them to your fans at affordable prices. This will help your band and merch brand gain clout rapidly, so make sure your creations have an identifiable and unique style that defines them. The unique features of a design are what create a strong demand and emotional attachment, do it properly and it could possibly open up new markets for your music as well.

Getting it Done !

You have some really cool options in today’s tech world for creating and selling your merch; you can design your merch using a service website like – Such a platform allows instant merchandise creation thanks to a user-friendly platform, this online interface requires a minimal knowledge of technology and design.  If you have a logo, artwork, or even plain text you can easily include it on the items or apparel you choose (hoodies, tank tops, phone cases, stickers, even coffee mugs). Within minutes you will be able to create your online boutique/shop and start managing your sales through the Wordans tools and user-friendly interface.

Regardless if you have an online shop already set up on your blog/website, I suggest you make an online shop with Wordans as well, this will help you increase your band/brand’s online visibility. When you direct your fans to buy merch, they can be directed to your personalized Wordans boutique e.g.:, this allows you to focus on making music and touring, while Wordans professional team takes care of the details like printing, customer service and shipping for you. This eliminates a lot of challenges that artists and their road managers would traditionally face such as inventory management. We go beyond that by allowing you to set your own prices on items, giving you the freedom to choose your markup price and feature in our general e-store.

Golden Merch Rules

Before you jump into creating your official merchandise, make sure you define the following elements, this leverage the potential of your merch project!

• Define your budget

• Ask your fans what they want, consult them on designs and get them involved

• Look for the best value

• Offer a range of prices and products

• Create good quality artwork and get informed about formats, materials  etc..

 For more info : is a one-stop solution for custom t-shirts, apparel and accessories. Specialized in Silk Screening and Direct to Garment production. allows its community to create a single personalized product or an entire brand through its user friendly interface. Which in turn they can order and/or publish their work online to sell through a portal/back-office as their online store.


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