Customize your American Apparel

Fashion idol, you also have the desire to get your message across by wearing clothes with unprecedented designs? The connection between American Apparel and Wordans’ custom offer is the answer to all your desires. Discover renowned benchmarks and an application able to satisfy your creative needs. Professional or individual, you will be satisfied.



Dare the power of quality

It is obvious that if you choose a garment over another, it is not only because it suits you, but also because you wish that its quality satisfies you entirely. American Apparel knows how to bring you this excellence and this fit that you are awaiting.

Established in in 1989 in Canada, more precisely in Montréal, this brand has, through the year, greatly developed itself, proving that it can be trustworthy towards it recent followers.

With the same determination, Wordans is intended to be one of the brand’s privileged distributor, whether it be t-shirts, polo shirts, tank tops or even hoodies.


Stay ¨in¨

Thus, with an extended line varying in sizes (from toddlers to adults) and an amazing array of colors (up to 44 different colors depending on the items), you will have the opportunity to choose garments that will blend with your wardrobe. Since the company frequently renews its collections, their trendy items will bring you, among other things, the assurance of their unquestionable quality. It is up to you, then, to choose the designs or patterns to be printed on your t-shirt or sweater.


With American Apparel you have great opportunities to please yourself or to offer amazing gifts to someone close to you. But also a real opportunity for any companies that wishes to revamp their corporate image by customizing garments with their brand logo or emblem.

In order to discover the endless possibilities that Wordans and American Apparel have to offer, come and visit our site and simulate, directly online, the creation of your custom garment

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