Eco Friendly in the Wholesale Industry

The clothes wholesale industry can leave a serious amount of negative footprint on the environment. To create the ‘best shade’ of red, toxic dyes and other ingredients are used in the manufacturing process which can contribute to a big whole in the ozone layer.

Pesticides are used when growing cotton and 1/3 of a pound of toxic chemicals is used to make just one shirt.

So what’s the solution?

We try to find sustainable organic suppliers, that use natural fibres or sustainable fabrics to trim the amount of carbon utilized in the pursuit of the perfect outfit. Renewable fibres add durability to your clothes. Making your clothes appear timeless after multiple uses and washes. The textures are often thicker and can show off the quality of the stitching.

We look for companies that are WRAP certified and with a transparency that promotes green use. Suppliers such as Bella + CanvasAlternative Apparel and Fruit of Loom are promoting forward thinking eco friendly policies. In today’s world of fast moving consumer goods, it is imperative that companies like these act as inspiration to the rest of the western world.

Now, we’ve talked about being eco-friendly. But what what about the quality?

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