Get your merchandise ready for Valentine’s Day!

The most tender moment of the year is approaching! On February 14th, lovers are preparing small gifts to declare their love to their spcial one. Wordans offers you the perfect customizable items to celebrate Valentine’s Day and prepare for this e-commerce event!

It is common to offer a gift to your Valentine on this symbolic date. The most touching gestures are often personalised statements, which can be printed on textile materials. We have selected a number of personalisable items in red, the colour of love, which will perfectly fulfil the task of carrying a message full of tenderness. As you will have understood, Valentine’s Day is a sales opportunity not to be missed for your textile e-commerce. Indeed, customisable clothes are a good gift idea to offer to lovers in need of ideas. These products are also an excellent option to dress the sales teams of shops, since many companies organize special operations on the occasion of Valentine’s Day.

Women’s T-shirt

This short-sleeved cotton T-shirt can be customized with any message you wish to surprise your loved one with. This model is particularly suitable for dressing a team of saleswomen or company employees at a commercial event organised for Valentine’s Day. It is a women’s T-shirt from Bella+Canva with a casual cut, light and rather comfortable to wear thanks to its 100% cotton composition. Sold at a very low price, it is ideal for all your promotional events or animations, and bulk purchases are particularly advantageous. Available in seven different sizes from S to 2XL. 



The hoodie

We’ll never stop saying it: the hoodie is an essential piece of clothing that can be perfect for any occasion. This time for Valentine’s Day we have selected for you this hoodie for men, the perfect item for entrepreneurs looking for a customizable textile product to apply a logo or a message on this key date. Made from 70% cotton and 30% polyester, this men’s hoodie from Team 365  is comfortable to wear and has a real soft feel. Easy to wear, it is also easy to remove with its large front zip. It has two main pockets, and a lined hood with matching drawstring to complete the look. 


Men’s Polo Shirt

The right outfit for every occasion. After the relaxed T-shirt and hoodie, let’s move on to an item that will suit the most elegant statements and romantic moments. This men’s polo shirt from Harriton has a classic fit and finish with a three-button placket collar and matching sleeves. It is made from 65% polyester and 35% double pique cotton for optimum comfort. The fabric of this polo is very durable and will last even with frequent washing. It is also anti-microbial and has UPF30 protection. With its elegant style but comfortable enough composition to allow for ease of movement, it can be a very good recommendation for dressing teams of salespeople or restaurant servers for example on that special Valentine’s Day evening. 



Like a flower, every love relationship must be cared for in order to grow and flourish. Valentine’s Day is an opportunity for many couples to spend some quality time together and to strengthen their relationship. And for the customisable textile trade, it is an excellent sales opportunity. What could be nicer than receiving a surprise or a personalised message from your lover? The products we offer are all made from quality fabrics, which are worthy of the importance of the message they will carry. Whether it is to organise a nice surprise or to prepare a special Valentine’s Day operation, these three items will meet most requests.

Moreover, to check out our product selection visit our website  at and search for daily news and inspiration on our instagram page @wordans_canada.



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