Getting your first customized t-shirt

So I have to admit. I think that it’s the first time I am ordering my very own customized t-shirt and it’s the first time I am ordering it from

Like everyone, I’ve gotten those group t-shirts pre-made for you, and you wear them to be part of the gang or just because you work there. actually makes lots cool and trendy t-shirts for local restaurants & businesses around Montreal. (I’ll tell you more about that in my next post).

But back to MY story, I finally decided to make my own awesome t-shirt. The question was what? I mean after sifting through all the great designs on the site, it’s hard to make a rational decision, I almost wanted to re-populate my whole wardrobe with colors and designs from all walks of life and political opinions.

But guess what! I decided to make a t-shirt to re-affirm my sense of belonging to a super kick-ass dance tribe that I do video work for. They are called “Dance Animal” and have been performing at the Fringe and Zoofest in the past weeks. They spread love and joy for dancing and in their “impossible not to like” show (Pat Donnelly, Montreal Gazette).

Every animal in the “Dance Animal” comedy supergroup has a chosen name like “Dance Gecko”, “Dance Hippo”, “Dance Banana” that fits their real life personality. When I started working as a videographer for them, they asked me to choose a name for myself. Possibly something that had a link to what I did with my camera.

Given videography makes you think of the perceptive and calm nature of animals like owls, “Dance Owl” was the first name “Dance Pony” wanted to give me but I told him that I didn’t feel that graceful or wise enough or whatever.

So then, we thought of other animals that had big eyes and the next in line was a frog. I liked the idea but then “Dance Pony” said that it would be even funnier if I was a toad since they are slimier and bigger. I’m NOT like that in real life or anything but just ’cause it’s funnier.

So “Dance Toad” I was baptized.

This whole shaggy dog story is just to say that I looked up a reptile design on the Wordans site and found an amazingly colorful design of a poison dart frog. So I slapped that on the front and then I used the font Dance Animal uses in their promo stuff and wrote Dance Toad in pink on the back.

Here’s what it’s going to look like. I can’t wait to get it!!

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