Halloween is in two weeks!

Halloween is a holiday where everyone likes to get dressed up and play sorcerers and witches. And what if, for that special occasion, you would sit down with your friends or children and create a unique design would bring in a little spice… for the pumpkin? You should bet on a custom design that will stand out from all the other costumes. This will make some more than jealous.

Halloween is in two weeks
Halloween is in two weeks

Dress up to greet children… or grown ups…

In this holiday period you wish to offer your children clothing that will meet this demand and bring a totally different level. From the scary witch perched on her broom to the traditional jack o lantern, passing by all the weirdness permitted by Halloween, make them happy. Also, when you’ll open your door to the monsters and princesses that came to get candies, be sure to wear a t-shirt with a horribly funny design while handing them out their long awaited candies. They will be more than shocked to fall on the vampire or skeleton printed on your hoodie.


To host any other kind of occasion

If Halloween is a great occasion to create a decor along with wearing a custom t-shirt, the occasions vary for you to display your message on a bag, a t-shirt, an apron: a birthday gift for the small one with his or her favorite cartoon, a message to remind one of his or her 40th birthday, a way to cherish the next holidays on the beach, etc. Businesses can also celebrate their 20th anniversary for example, or their participation at the next big convention.

The Wordans online create your own tool is waiting for you to come and create your custom apparel!

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