How to start your merchandising business from scratch?

Are you thinking of starting your own online business? Do you know how to go about it and where to find the best products to customize to create your own collection? Follow the guide with the experts at Wordans


Define your target and your budget

The personalized products you will sell can be aimed at a variety of audiences. When preparing your business plan, you need to decide on your target audience. Indeed, your target audience will define not only the type of product to sell but also the corresponding budget. For example, you can decide to sell homewear or sportswear at low prices, and thus create your own range of sportswear or casual wear for everyone. Surfing on the wave of sustainable development, you can also choose to assert your commitment by proposing a range of eco-responsible clothing with environmentally friendly production processes, and therefore with higher selling prices. Unless you prefer to dedicate yourself to the marketing of accessories of all kinds to accompany daily outfits, or in merchandising objects for the office. Whatever your choice, you must have clearly defined the target of your proposal: sportsmen, office workers, and children,… We recommend that you conduct a thorough market study to evaluate the market share of this audience and conduct a competitive intelligence to observe the prices practiced on this market segment.


Choose your products

Once you have chosen the type of products you want to market, and you have identified your target, you can then decide which items to put on sale. Through the multitude of offers circulating on the Internet, you must be able to stand out by proposing interesting products for your target, at attractive prices. The first step will be to identify all the suppliers who can offer you the right merchandise for your online business. But how to select the best suppliers? We recommend that you first draw up a set of specifications that will enable you to define the essential criteria that these suppliers must cover. Beyond the purchase price, which is obviously a key factor in choosing where to buy your goods, you should not neglect other essential aspects of the negotiation such as delivery times and conditions, purchasing conditions, payment facilities…. Fortunately for you, Wordans’ experts have negotiated thousands of references at the best prices from the best suppliers of customizable plain products. Contact us for a personalized proposal. 


Define your brand

Creating your brand is more than just choosing a catchy name. Sure, you’ll need to choose a business name and a brand name that’s easy to remember. But your brand should also have a personality, and reflect the values of your online business. The personality of your brand will be expressed not only through its name, logo or emblem but also through the colors or the type of writing chosen for its website. For example, a brand whose main policy is the respect of the environment could have a logo in relation to nature, a website with neutral colors (beige, taupe, green,…), and especially slogans and processes that honor this philosophy (deliveries and production with the minimum carbon footprint, possibility to recycle products, punctual ecological actions, etc). Another example: a brand dedicated to early childhood will have round shapes and pastel colors, to emphasize the sweetness and innocence of childhood. Whatever the spirit of your brand (sporty, feminine, ecological,…) it must be perceived just by looking at your logo or your website. 


Choose your delivery processes

Don’t think that once you have chosen your references, your online business is ready. Before that, you have to prepare several sales conditions and especially the delivery fees. Did you know that 70% of consumers cancel their shopping carts because of delivery fees? It is therefore wise to offer flexible and economical delivery conditions. For example, you can have your orders shipped directly from your suppliers. At Wordans, we have several hubs in Europe to facilitate your shipments directly from our warehouses. Find out more about our customized logistics solutions here .


Make yourself known

Once your business plan is set up and your negotiations with your suppliers are completed, it’s time to launch your brand! The creation of your website is an important step, which should be entrusted to a team of professionals. After the commercial site, it is of course the social networks that must be created with attention. We recommend you to put forward some products, but also to create posts to make known your brand and its spirit. You can get consumers’ attention by creating a countdown to the official launch of your brand: create a daily post revealing a product or a slogan until the day the online store opens. 


Offer introductory deals

Finally, once your online business is up and running, you can offer special introductory offers to boost your sales and attract potential customers. Percentage discounts on certain products in the first days of opening, gifts or products offered to the first customers, or free shipping during the first week are all levers that will generate traffic on your site during the launch.



Creating your online business can be a real success if you respect the steps to follow and know how to surround yourself with the best professionals. Visit our website to discover our thousands of customizable plain items ideal for starting your own merchandise, and discover all our special offers on our Instagram page @wearewordans. 

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